Is John Turturro Directing a Big Lebowski Spin-off After All?


Here’s an intriguing little rumour that should be of interest to Coen Brothers fans, although it could also make those same fans feel somewhat conflicted. It’s no secret that The Big Lebowski has developed a huge cult following over the years, and although the Coens have expressed zero interest in directing a sequel, there is most definitely a rabid audience for such a thing if it ever were to happen. John Turturro, in particular, has been talking about the possibility of a sequel or spin-off for some time now, stating that he’d like to return to the character of Jesus Quintana if he can get permission. At the time, it seemed like wishful thinking on his part, but now we’re hearing that he may have pulled it off and he is already in production on a potential spin-off. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Birth Movies Death, John Turturro is currently in production on a new film called Going Places, which he is writing, directing and starring in. Although the movie is billed as a remake of a 1974 French farce called Les Valseuses, we are hearing that somehow, someway, it features Turturro reprising his role from The Big Lebowski as pederast Jesus Quintana. Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tautou and Susan Sarandon also co-star.

The plot of the film supposed revolves around two petty thieves (Turturro and Cannavale) who have a competition to give a woman (Tautou) her first orgasm. Sarandon plays a female ex-con who joins their group after a long stint in prison. What does any of this have to do with The Big Lebowski? I have no idea. Joel and Ethan Coen are not said to be involved creatively but we have to assume that they gave Turturro their blessing to use The Jesus in the film. While I am intrigued, I do wonder if this is nothing more than a gimmick to bring attention to a film that would otherwise be pretty obscure. Do you have any interest in seeing Jesus Quintana on screen again? How do you feel about Turturro using the character without The Coens’ involvement?

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  • Colin

    You don’t fuck with the Jesus

  • David Elliott

    “He’s a pederast Dude. He’s a pederast.” While I admit that Turturro’s turn as De Jesus was one of the more iconic small film roles of all time, I’m not sure he would work as a major centerpiece of another film. I’m also not sure his role fits within the context as a remake. While I love Turturro I am not sure this would be the best use of his talents or character. Find something original for him to do. Don’t try to stick him in the middle of another piece.

    Toasty Critic

  • gibson8

    Great line..shame it’s not in the movie. Did you see his last directorial effort where curiously enough he plays a lothario type character. Didn’t work as you might expect although Woody Allen makes a rare acting appearance as his pimp. It’s called ‘Fading Gigolo’ and worth checking out if only to illuminate the possibilities of Going Places.