Film Junk Bonus Podcast: Stranger Things


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  • bobsponge42

    Thank you guys for doing this bonus cast! I sense I’m going to disagree with what you have to say based on some hints you’ve given in the past two episodes, but we shall see…

  • Using black to represent another dimension was not originated by Under the Skin. Greatest American Hero did it back in ’81, and it didn’t originate it either.

  • Barbarajtanksley1

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  • Andrew Lincoln


  • JC

    Sweet, I finished the series over the weekend so this is perfect.
    Doesnt Matthew Modine look old?

  • Falsk

    YEEEEAH. Gettin’ some estrogen all up in hurr! I’m actually cracking up because Colin and I have the same argument when it comes to movies vs. TV. I have yet to dive into The Sopranos and The Wire because every time I suggest starting a show he argues there are all these movies he wants to watch and how much he hates TV. Somehow I’ve become the bigger TV watcher in our house. Not sure how that happened.

    I think I pretty much agree with everything Frank said. I’ve always been the naysayer at my job when it comes to movies and TV (“Ugh, you hate EVERYTHING” is a common response I get…) and I’ve been trying so hard to articulate all these points to my coworkers. It’s a pretty show, it’s fun, short show, but once you scratch the surface, there’s really not much there. I’m currently rewatching Freaks and Geeks and digging into The Night Of and the former does a way better job of creating realistic characters and relationships (in the 80s, no less!) while the latter is way more engrossing in terms of cinematography, story structure, and pacing.

    There was an article recently talking about an oversaturation in the TV market thanks to original programming out the wazoo with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc and frankly, if it means shows start getting shorter and more refined, I’m all for it.

  • Alicia Dwyer

    I had great intentions to bring some energy and a cohesive argument to this discussion, but they were foiled when I fell asleep doing bedtime stories and woke up an hour later confused and groggy.

    I have not listened to this but I feel like I may have started a few points but never finished them.

    I think my one takeaway from this is that the more distance I have from my viewing of Stranger Things, the less is stays with me. Unlike a show like The Wire, which I will rewatch with anyone who wants to see it, I can’t see myself revisiting this season of Stranger Things.

  • traie

    I guess you missed it but Togetherness was cancelled. I also liked the show despite it being maybe a little too cute here and there, disappointed they didn’t give them at least one final season to wrap it up. I did read recently that the Duplass Brothers do have a new show that will take it’s place.

  • Larry Morgan

    He is 55 or so. Great hair, though.

  • devolutionary

    I think “confused and groggy” would be the perfect mindset to discuss the Upside-Down world.

  • Larry Morgan

    This was a good cast. Alicia brings some realism to the swath of opinions.

  • Watched it all in a day, i liked it but the forced nostalgia, 80s references become so blatant and annoying. Also, the title theme is very much like ‘Wanna Fight’ by Cliff Martinez for Only God Forgives.

  • Trent

    “So blatant”. I don’t think they were trying to hide them.

  • devolutionary

    Although the references are obvious, a gentleman by the name of Ulysse Thevenon put out a great side-by-side comparison of most of it’s 70s/80s references. DON’T WATCH if you don’t want anything spoiled.

  • bobsponge42

    Agree with everyone else, it was great hearing Alicia’s thoughts on the show and keeping the guys honest.

    Frank, you mention how Stranger Things isn’t all that original. That seemed to be a common complaint. My take on that is much like those who complain about bands who are repeating the past. It’s the first time for them. So then the question becomes, does it resonate? Does the Stranger Things remix tape work? I think so. It has more heart than something comparable like Super 8, while embracing every single one of its influences, unabashedly.

    I’m with Sean on the anthology. I’d rather see this as an anthology than an on-going series. I think a scifi/horror series is really hard to keep going for multiple reasons. An anthology approach would give them freedom they’re about to lose with another season. I do enjoy the characters for the most part, but I think the premise and on going story will get really bogged down. But we will see.

  • I had the same feeling afterward, which kills any desire to watch a second season. By the time it’s out, I likely won’t care.

  • You guys seemed a little confused with the whole Hawkins lab thing, the way I took it was they were doing these experiments to create some kind of cross dimension spy tech, as Alicia mentioned, which accidentally tapped into an alternate reality. I assume Eleven’s view of the Upside Down is all black because she’s there in consciousness, while the others go there physically.

    Not that this would change your opinion of the show, and I’m in the same ballpark as you guys.

  • Falsk

    I’ll be right over. Everyone keeps saying how great The Wire is and Colin responds with an, “…eh!”

  • Falsk

    (Just wanted to add in case Frank hasn’t realized it at this point, the Interstellar reference is that damn pen through a folded piece of paper analogy. Thanks to Colin for remembering my bitching and moaning when it happened, hahaha.)

  • ReelJunkie

    I honestly don’t get the overwhelming positive response the show’s been getting. I thought the first episode was extremely well done. It had a great mix of suspense, horror and mystery. Since then however the show didn’t manage to reach that height again throughout the rest of the season.

    I just didn’t find the mystery of a monster and alternate dimension really interesting or original. In fact I called it by the end of episode 3. Towards the second half of the season some of the characters start acting really stupid and it took me out of the show. Also, some of the acting (the girl playing Nancy and Winona Ryder for example), were just terrible.

    By the end it amounted to nothing more than a nicely shot throwback with very little to offer in terms of originality. For a show called Stranger Things I expected the mystery to be way more out there and for the lack of a better word strange.

  • A couple of these are stretches (for Commando I probably would’ve used Monster Squad and The Shining one is just stupid), but for the most part this is bang on. Nice find!

  • Believe it or not Matt, it’s just me.

  • JC

    Awesome hair lol. I just think of him as Joker whenever I see the name crop up.

  • Alicia Dwyer

    Colin is clearly insane.

  • Mark

    In my reading, the “Under The Skin”-style black void that Eleven visits is not The Upside-Down. It’s a visualization of her own psychic headspace. She is being used by the lab as a tool to locate Russian spies and targets, etc., kind of like Cerebro. Through this process, she accidentally opens the door to The Upside-Down.

    Not that I think Stranger Things deserves to be compared to Tarantino, but I felt the level of homage in the show was well-calibrated and served to establish the vibe without taking away from the strength of its own characters and story. To echo someone else’s comment, I think Stranger Things stands on its own on an emotional level far better than something like Super 8, which I felt was completely soulless when separated from its Amblin worship.

  • No one important

    I think my love for this show started to wane after Mike was offered a trip to the video store and he declined.

  • Jameson

    I just finished the show and feel similarly to you guys. I liked the ’80s aesthetic, but I was hoping there would be some original spin in the narrative. Also, Winona Ryder waaay overacted. She took me out of the show every time she was on screen.

  • pcch7

    holy shieeet. Been missing out on a lot of filmjunk this year sadly because of work and such. Can’t believe I almost missed this, LOVE the show

  • Nick Poliskey

    Wow, that is gross it is so blatant.

  • Nick Poliskey

    I disagree with you guys for once. It was fun and I blew through it in a couple days, the acting was phenomenal. The ONLY dissapointments for me were Winona and the creature effects in the last episode. Other than that this is the best TV series I have seen in quite a while. I knew you guys were just being dicks when you critisized having a “the Thing” poster. So what? That is just a wink to audiences that may not have instant recall for every movie and box-office performance in the history of hollyweird……

    Again, 4.5/5 for me.