Joe Carnahan to Write Uncharted Movie


It’s been about a year now since we have had any substantial updates on Sony’s upcoming Uncharted movie. Last summer, director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, The King of Kong) dropped out and the studio was forced to push the movie back to 2017. It still didn’t seem to be a particularly high priority, but now that Uncharted 4 has arrived for the Playstation 4, earning strong reviews and sales, perhaps they are starting to see the potential again. Last week Sony announced that they have hired a new screenwriter for the project and it happens to be someone with a pretty solid action movie resume: Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team). The question is, could he also end up directing this video game adaptation? Here’s what Carnahan had to say about the announcement:

“Archaeology today is in itself an antiquity, but that world has always fascinated me. Especially when you go to a museum today and wonder how a piece got there to begin with. Plus, the property itself is so popular that it was hard to turn down an opportunity to work on it… In a perfect world I would love to [direct as well], but right now, I’m only on board to write the script.”

Carnahan’s next project behind the camera is Bad Boys 3, which is scheduled to hit theatres on June 2nd, 2017. Considering that Uncharted is currently slated to be released just a few weeks after that on June 29th, that conflict is keeping him from being able to direct both movies. Here’s hoping they can find a way to adjust the schedule so that Carnahan can take the reins… clearly he is a much more exciting choice to direct than either Seth Gordon or Neil Burger (Limitless). What do you think, does this news give you hope for a killer Uncharted movie?

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  • Kevin

    Remember when David O’Russell was attached to this?

  • Colin

    JLaw at Elena and RobertD as Sully could have been good… not so sure about Marky Mark as Drake, though.

  • Sam

    Would have just switched it to Bradley Cooper as Drake instead.