Christopher Guest’s Mascots Coming to Netflix in October


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since Christopher Guest’s last film, For Your Consideration, hit theatres, and although he dabbled in TV with HBO’s Family Tree, here’s the good news: in just a few months Guest will return with a brand new feature film called Mascots. This is another partially improvised mockumentary starring many of his usual cohorts including Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Ed Begley Jr. and Fred Willard, but what’s different is that the movie will be debuting on Netflix following its world premiere at TIFF in September. In case you hadn’t figured it out, the plot revolves around the world of professional sports team mascots and culminates in a showdown for the annual “Gold Fluffy Award”. Netflix just released a short teaser trailer confirming a release date of October 13th, and although it doesn’t feature an actual footage from the film, it’s still more than enough to get me excited. Are you dying to see a new Christopher Guest movie? Check out the official announcement trailer after the jump.

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  • Stanley Puberick

    Christopher Guest films are some of my favorite. Something about the mockumentary format is so warm, inviting, and rewatchable for me. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t make it through For Your Consideration, which I found both unfunny and boring. Best in Show is in my top 4 on Letterboxd and Waiting for Guffman would probably be my 5th if there were such a thing.

    I don’t watch much television, but I remember being heartbroken when I found out Family Tree wasn’t coming back for a second season a few years ago. Are you boys planning on catching the premiere at TIFF this year? I’d love to hear a review on your TIFF roundup (I look forward to that episode every year). Expecting great things for this show–basedgod bless netflix for knowing how to pick talent for their original content.

  • Sean

    I generally don’t use my TIFF tickets on anything that’s going to be available in wide release a month later, but Jay may catch it since he has a pass this year.

  • Stanley Puberick

    I’d love to hear Jay’s thoughts. Congrats to him for getting a pass this year!