Live Action Pokemon Movie in the Works


Update: Variety reports that Legendary has finalized a deal for a live action Pokemon movie based on the recent Detective Pikachu game, aiming for a 2017 production start.

Although they pretty much swore off Hollywood after the disastrous Super Mario Bros. movie back in 1993, we’ve been hearing reports over the past year that Nintendo is once again starting to get serious about adapting some of their video game properties for the big screen. Up until now, all signs indicated that they would likely produce some animated features rather than live-action projects, however this week we are hearing the opposite. With the insanely successful launch of their new mobile game Pokemon Go, Pokemon is once again exploding in popularity and everyone in Hollywood is looking to turn it into a movie. Word on the street is that Legendary Pictures may be nearing a deal to make it happen. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures and Nintendo are nearing a deal to make a live-action movie based on the Pokemon video games. Legendary had some experience with video game adaptations, having just launched a movie franchise based on the Warcraft series. While the first movie didn’t perform well domestically, it has been much more successful globally.

Pokemon was at its peak popularity in the late ’90s, when it spawned an animated series and a handful of animated feature films. It is unclear just how valuable the property is today, although Nintendo’s sudden 25% stock increase might offer a clie. Either way, the increasing demand for ’90s nostalgia could mean that the time is right for this project. Do you have any interest Pokemon live-action movie?

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  • Hanson

    I’m still waiting for the Mario Bros. sequel. I know it bombed and was panned by critics, but it ended on a damn cliffhanger!