Quadrophenia Sequel in the Works


We’ve seen a lot of unexpected sequels happening over the past few years, especially sequels to films that are more than a decade old. But what about a sequel to a movie that is almost forty years old? Surely that is a rare case indeed, and with the exception of a handful of Disney direct-to-video animated sequels, it is pretty much unheard of. Nevertheless, someone is currently in the process of setting up a sequel to the 1979 British cult classic Quadrophenia, about the infamous rivalry between the mods and rockers throughout the ’60s and ’70s. It was loosely based on The Who’s rock opera of the same name although it is not a musical and it marked the big screen debuts of Sting and Timothy Spall (among others). Now some of the original cast members are supposedly on board to return for the follow-up. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

The news seems to have originated from The Mirror, which may or may not be the most reliable source. However, they apparently have quotes from both Toyah Wilcox (who played Monkey in the original) and director Ray Burdis (Final Cut, The Wee Man) about the project. It will be based on the book To Be Someone by Peter Meadows, which continues the story of Jimmy Cooper years later (Pete Townshend gave his blessing, so it’s kind of official). Burdis had this to say:

“It wasn’t difficult to get the cast members signed up as they all loved the script. Now we’ve got the core main cast in place we’re constructing the other characters carefully and slowly. People are banging the door down to be in the film, and there are some more big names to be announced… We need to have young blood in this film – and young talented bands. Obviously we’ll have a couple of classic tracks too, for the original generation.”

In addition to Toyah Wilcox, Phil Daniels is also on board to reprise his role as Jimmy. Original director Franc Roddam does not appear to be involved (he is now a producer and writer for Masterchef) but shooting is expected to commence this summer with an expected release sometime next year. Something about this still feels a little bit sketchy but it will be interesting to see what comes of it. Are you interested in a Quadrophenia sequel?

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