20th Century Fox Announces Alien Day, Reebok to Release Replica Ripley Shoes


Oh jeez… the fan-pandering fiasco that was Back to the Future Day has now infected the Alien franchise as well. This week 20th Century Fox has announced that April 26th will henceforth officially be known as “Alien Day” with various fan events and merchandising tie-ins planned for that day. The date is inspired by the name of the moon on which the Xenomorphs were discovered, LV-426. Taking another page out of the Back to the Future book, they have also teamed up with Reebok to re-release the Reebok Alien Stompers worn by Ripley in James Cameron’s Aliens, as well as the mid-top version worn by Bishop. The following is a list of some of the other events and releases planned for April 26th:

  • The Alamo Drafthouse will screen a double feature of Alien and Aliens in over 20 cities with ticket pre-orders landing an exclusive Mondo Alien T-shirt
  • The Alien: Ultimate Trivia Challenge will pose questions on Twitter every 42.6 minutes with a chance to win prizes (pre-register here)
  • Audible will release a brand new audio drama, Alien: Out of the Shadows starring Rutger Hauer
  • Titan Books will release the brand-new novel Alien: Invasion (The Rage War book 2) by Tim Lebbon
  • NECA will release Lieutenant Vasquez and Newt figures as well as a Kenner-inspired Ellen Ripley figure
  • Funko will release an Aliens Queen & Power Loader and Ripley figure set
  • Hot Toys will announce an all-new Alien Ripley 1/6th figure
  • Sideshow Collectibles will debut an all-new Alien Internecivus Raptus Statue
  • Hollywood Collectibles will release a large-scale model of the Derelict from Alien, molded from an original model that H.R. Giger created for an exhibition in Las Vegas
  • Medicom Toy will release a VCD (vinyl super deformed) Alien figure and a retro style Aliens figure via Diamond Comics
  • The Upper Deck Company will launch Aliens Anthology Collector Trading Cards and an Aliens Vs Trading Card Game
  • USAopoly will launch a pair of classic board games with a twist: Yahtzee Alien vs Predator and Clue: Alien vs Predator

Clearly they are going all out with this thing, but there’s no question that the big motivation behind it is to help promote Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Alien: Covenant. It seems safe to assume that we will get some sort of announcement or teaser trailer for the film on that day as well. While it’s cool to see Alien getting so much attention, I can’t help but be cynical about these special events created by the studios as opposed to the fans themselves. Are you looking forward to Alien Day and do you plan on taking part in the festivities?

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  • Mike

    BTTF day made sense because the date was actually in the movie as a date Marty traveled to. This is just a dumb cash grab or I should say, gash crab.

  • Yeesh, they were stretching for anything to tie this to a day… Looks like a lot of marketing fuckery, I might be interested in the Rutger Hauer audio-drama though.

  • Lori Cerny

    But, have you SEEN the Hot Toys Ripley figure? It looks damn good.

  • Stinker

    I want a Howard The Duck day. And Part II of Howard The Duck: Howard for President!. Most awsome movie ever.