Cannonball Run Reboot in the Works


With the Fast & Furious franchise continuing to generate interest in street racing and car culture in general, Warner Brothers is looking to revive a classic franchise that essentially served as the Fast & Furious of its time. The original The Cannonball Run was released back in 1981 and revolves around an illegal cross-country car race from Connecticut to California. With an all-star cast that includes Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Dom DeLuise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Adrienne Barbeau, Peter Fonda and Jackie Chan, the movie was the sixth highest grossing movie of 1981 and spawned an official sequel and a comedic spin-off. Now we are about to get an updated version of The Cannonball Run courtesy of the writer and director of Get Hard. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Deadline, Etan J. Cohen has signed on to write and direct a reboot of The Cannonball Run for Warner Brothers. Cohen most recently made his directorial debut with the Will Ferrell / Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard, but he previously wrote scripts for Idiocracy, Tropic Thunder and Men in Black 3. Andre Morgan and Alan Gasmer (Vikings) are on board as producers.

The movie will apparently be called simply Cannonball and the studio is calling it a “relaunch” as opposed to a remake. Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. I have to admit, I’m curious to see what an all-star cast for this would look like today. I just hope they don’t go the “dark and gritty” route and decide to keep it relatively lighthearted (the hiring of Cohen certainly sounds like they are). Are you excited to see a new version of The Cannonball Run?

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  • Stinker

    Why not, could it be worse then the original, which was worse of special kind. Hal Needham was ahead of its time. In a way.

    Imagine a Michael Bay version of Megaforce, all this military hardware driving flying swiming into the rising sun……..

  • Chris Charboneau

    Stupid idea helmed by another no talent hack