First Official Photos from X-Men: Apocalypse (UPDATED)


Update: Additional images of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Jubilee and Storm have also been added.

Although the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer that was unveiled at Comic-Con has yet to be officially released online, 20th Century Fox has thrown us a bone by releasing the first batch of official images from the film in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Bryan Singer previously teased set photos of Nightcrawler, Jubilee and Jean Grey a few months ago, but this time around we have our first look at Olivia Munn as Psylocke and Alexandra Shipp as Storm, not to mention an unrecognizable Oscar Isaac as the main villain Apocalypse. Are you digging the overall look of this latest X-Men flick? X-Men: Apocalypse hits theatres on May 27th, 2016; check out the new photos after the jump and see what you think.












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  • Colin

    So glad to see Bryan Singer bringing back some 90s class to our modern superhero movies.


    This looks awful.

  • Todd S. Gallows

    Looks like The Wishmaster.

  • Colin

    I wish it didn’t exist.

  • Sean

    Interestingly he did say that they are potentially going to have costumes much closer to the original comics in this movie. Psylocke looks pretty close but I’m not so sure about the rest.

  • Colin

    Yea, rumblings on Twitter seem to indicate that Psylocke is (embarrassingly) accurate.

  • Dstrbpx

    What the fuck is Olivia Munn forced to wear???
    It would be so much more honest to force all female characters in comic book movies to simply be nude (and mute).
    And don´t tell me that actually all those insecure,immature nerds out there JUST LOOOOVE strong women.
    Female roles in superhero films are pathetic.

  • Todd S. Gallows

    The movie looks overall goofier than usual. But I’ve been done with superhero movies/blockbusters for the last maybe 13 years, so this seems like a small part of a larger problem.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    Pretty happy with that Psylocke costume! Best in comics and they actually did it!

  • Kasper

    Olivia Munn looks like she was actually supposed to be in a porn parody of the movie, X-Men: Analpocalypse.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    This is all my favorite stuff. Mohawk Storm! Apocalypse! It just seems like they have trouble bulking up big characters like Apocalypse. He should physically be twice this size. There was some other comic book movie that had that problem. I can’t remember what it was. Oh, maybe I’m thinking of Bane in DKR. That worked out well. But he should have been twice the size has was, too. These are monstrously huge and imposing characters. Glad they finally got around to the X stuff I liked back in the day.

  • Derek

    Apocalypse looks like Mr. Freeze and Ivan Ooze had a baby. And I love Apocalypse from the animated series. His voice was so intimidating.

  • devolutionary
  • Todd S. Gallows

    Even better.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    “Most Sinister villain yet!” Are they hinting Mr. Sinister is in this?

  • Maik

    So Jay is already busy on his twitter defending this movie even though he is not a “fucking child”(classic Cheel quote), but indeed 20-30 yrs above the target audience. Interesting, very interesting…

  • pcch7

    Plenty of love for Hit-Girl though

  • pcch7

    I’m very excited for this, Singer hasn’t made a bad X-Men movie yet.

  • Brian Timms

    Icy cool.

  • Adam


  • adam

    Context. Suicide Squad pics looked shit also but seeing them in the context of the film (trailer) they weren’t so bad.

  • Flo Lieb

    So Apocalypse is about the same hight as teenage Storm…..I hope they digitally enlarge poor Oscar Isaac. Never knew the fella was this small.

  • Colin

    I disagree… the Suicide Squad stills looked strange, but not bad or embarrassing. This, on the other hand, looks like some CW shit. I have no idea when this movie is set (late 80s, early 90s?) but the new pics Sean posted feel like 2015 kids appropriating that time period’s style but only enough to make it seem off… like it’s a clear appropriation rather than existing within the time itself.

  • Looks cool, enough! I have yet to see a bad Singer xmen movie.

  • Pier P.P.

    Nice to see B.Singer is still being productive, considering his “alleged” time-consuming underage sex parties( “well known” in Hollywood since decades according to B.E.Ellis).
    Lucky for him 2 of his teenage rape victims were bought o.. suddenly dropped their case (see M.J.).
    Also google his “Apt Pupil” incident for a delightful afternoon read,of course involving minors.

    Meanwhile Jay is still hard for this lovely fellow directing movies targeted at kids and teenagers.

  • Pier P.P.

    Academy award-winning filmmaker Amy Berg referenced this case in a documentary that was almost buried by the industry :

  • Pier P.P.

    oh well, “An Open Secret” is now censored.

    I wonder how this happened~ :

    “While clips of Singer remain in the film, Egan’s allegations against Singer have been cut as well. There is no
    mention of any of Egan’s lawsuits, nor of his indictment for fraud. Berg declined to speak on the record about the cuts to her film.”

  • Adam

    His legal issues have no bearing on his ability to direct a film. You can like his work without supporting what he may have done in his personal life. Get off Jay’s back, let the man live.

  • Adam

    I recall seeing something about it being set in ’83 I believe? and while you have a valid point I think seeing it in motion will help to sell it more. Idk, maybe it won’t, personally I’m going to wait for a trailer before making a call on it, but you do you bb.

  • Scott Summers

    Fucking nerds bitch and moan when costumes change and now they bitch and moan when they’re accurate. Fucking christ. (general statement, not saying you’re bitching about it)

  • Pier P.P.

    it´s just him directing movies for children, like this new one, that is particularily creepy in his case

  • Why is it for children?

  • adam

    Children? Lets be honest, the movie is for 20-40ish year old grown ass nerds who actually have jobs and can buy all the bullshit associated with this film thats based on comics they grew up with. Yeah, kids will see it, but the real audience they’re aiming for have jobs and can buy shit.

  • Hmm, Jay is also a big Polanski fan. Does anyone happen to know his rating for Powder?

  • devolutionary

    No, but he didn’t give a glowing review to Jeepers Creepers.
    He briefly talks about Victor Salva and Powder as well (43 min mark). I’ve seen both and similar to Jay, actually like the first half of the first JC film. Idea stretched too thin though.