First Official Cast Photo from Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters


After teasing fans on Twitter with photos of the new Ghostbusters costumes, proton packs and Ecto-1, today Paul Feig has followed up with the next logical thing: the Ghostbusters themselves. Some set photos of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones already leaked online earlier this week (see above), but Feig has countered with an official photo of the primary cast suited up and standing in front of their new ride. (Yes, they are also wearing their proton packs.) What do you think, does this image get you pumped up for a new Ghostbusters film? Check out the new photo after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • devolutionary

    Based on the jumpsuits and ECTO-1, is this new Ghostbusters going for a retro (directly post-Ghostbusters 2) timeline or is this simply a love-letter to the originals? Kate McKinnon looks like a dead ringer for female-Egon.

  • David

    Melissa McCarthy = Dan Aykroyd?
    Kristen Wiig = Bill Murray?
    Leslie Jones = Ernie Hudson?

  • Sean

    I’m pretty sure they’ve said that the female characters do not directly correlate to the original cast members. But it’s hard not to make those comparisons, especially since Kate McKinnon also seems to be playing a nerdy Egon type character with hair that resembles Egon from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

  • Deven Science

    I thought the same thing about KM. She’s definitely channeling her inner Harold Ramis.

  • David

    Totally, I was just having fun since the comparisons came easily :)

  • MaM

    Females. Frank not impressed.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Count me excited!

  • Jones

    Lovin’ the Ecto-1. The fact that it is a hearse instead of an ambulance is pretty cool. Is this still connected to the original in some way? I know at one point scripts for this featured a ‘passing of the torch’ type deal. Anyone know if that is still the case, or is this a straight remake?

  • B MP Rooney

    Like Inside Out, I feel like we’re just going to get these actresses’ typical, expected personalities projected onto an old concept.

  • LordAwesome

    Looks like a bunch of down on their luck garbage-men.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    Any word on a new cartoon spinning out of this thing? Do they still have Slimer?

  • Jared Kerr

    It’s like they recast everyone’s Rick Moranis. Get all the fucking way out of here with this shit.

  • Jared Kerr