Monday Morning Box Office Report: Tomorrowland Tops Pitch Perfect 2


Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland rocketed to the top of the box office over the Memorial Day weekend, but overall the box office numbers were way down for what is usually a very busy summer weekend. The last time no movie cracked $40 million over this time frame was way back in 1995. Tomorrowland earned just $32 million over three days ($40.7 million for the four day long weekend), which is definitely not great news for a movie that cost $190 million to make. Pitch Perfect 2 just barely missed repeating in first place, taking second with another $30.35 million, while Mad Max: Fury Road fell to third with a respectable $23.88 million, dropping only 47%. The Poltergeist remake opened in fourth with $23 million, while The Avengers: Age of Ultron rounded out the top 5. Mad Max: Fury Road still has another couple weeks to build on the strong buzz before Jurassic World hits theatres, although it will also depend on how audiences respond to The Rock’s earthquake movie San Andreas.

1. Tomorrowland — $32.16M
2. Pitch Perfect 2 — $30.35M
3. Mad Max: Fury Road — $23.88M
4. Poltergeist — $23M
5. The Avengers: Age of Ultron — $20.9M
6. Hot Pursuit — $3.47M
7. Far from the Madding Crowd — $2.28M
8. Furious 7 — $2.12M
9. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 — $1.8M
10. Home — $1.68M

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  • Kasper

    Glad to see Tomorrowland didn’t completely tank, as I expected it would have. Hopefully the drop off won’t be too severe and it’ll end up doing okay.

  • 1138sw

    Just saw Mad Max and loved it! Definitely worth a watch for people who have not seen it!

    The action, productions values and acting are all top notch! The two hours flew by and I must say I could have done with an additional 30 mins…that’s how much I liked it!

    Hope it makes enough to justify a continuation with Hardy as Max!

    Young directors could definitely learn a thing or two from the 70 year old director, George Miller! Now that’s what I call a great narrative action movie!