Film Junk Premium Podcast #35: The Toy Story Trilogy


Just in time for Christmas, we decided to get reacquainted with some old friends and revisit one of the most respected and critically acclaimed trilogies of all time: Pixar’s Toy Story series. In addition to discussing the three Toy Story feature films, we also thought we should bring the half-hour Halloween short, Toy Story of Terror, and the recent Christmas special, Toy Story That Time Forgot into the discussion as well. And to help sort through the technical details of our very first animated premium podcast, we recruited the Archbishop of Animation himself, Mr. Dax Gordine. So does the original Toy Story hold up visually or is it straight up offensive to thine eyes? What are the rules of the toy world and when are they allowed to be broken? Is John Lasseter a creative genius and, if so, does that excuse his terrible fashion sense? Reach for the sky and download this month’s premium podcast below.

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  • Kwest

    Track 5 stops after about three minutes

  • Captain Morgan

    Thanks guys. This is an awesome extra little mas treat. Merry Xmas Junkers :)

  • Sean

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Can you try redownloading the track?

  • Kwest

    It might be a bandcamp app streaming problem, I’ll try a direct download

  • pcch7

    Works fine for me

  • scab

    Merry Xmas, guys. Have a good one.

  • devolutionary

    Always worked for me too, although I have noticed a few stuttering or audio hiccups in the past couple podcasts, latest Xmas Balljunk episode too. Is that just coincidental or is your processor getting temporarily maxed out?

  • Sean

    Thanks, let me know if you’re still having problems.

  • Sean

    We used to have a problem with this after I ran into an audio driver issue with my PC and our mixer, but there could be something similar happening with Jay and Frank’s computers. Can you pinpoint a specific time in any episodes to look at?

  • devolutionary

    I’ll have to get back to you later on that [wish I had precisely logged the times!] I know for sure it happened in the Kevin Smith premium too.

  • Sam

    Great premium guys.

    I’ve seen these movies, well mostly part 1 and 2, hundreds of times because of my kids, so it was nice hearing all of these nitpicks with the rules addressed.

    Wish there was few Randy Newman renditions by Jay on this one though. He did provide a lot of great musical moments in the Kevin Smith premium, so it makes it up for it.

    Good job again though! And thanks to Dax as well! Great animation instink he has.

  • Lori Cerny

    I’ve noticed it on #495, the latest BallJunk, #496, and the Toy Story Premium. I assumed it was my system, so kinda glad to hear someone else experiencing the issue. As for Bandcamp, I download instead of streaming, so don’t think it’s them.

  • pcch7

    I’m expect more.

  • Tommy

    Aww man. I was gonna listen to the original Toy Story 3 review, but it’s gonezo.

  • Essie

    Thank you guys so much. Up in time for Christmas! I’m so happy this premium brought back Frank not being able to understand themes or anything other than the literal meaning of a scene. Love it.

  • Tommy

    Jessie rules.

  • Kasper

    Frank, if you want the Wii Fitness Trainer I’m almost 100% I saw several in a store a few days ago when I was out Christmas shopping. If you want I can buy it and send it your way. I am not sure if there is any differences between European and American packaging though, if that is a possible issue.

  • Kasper

    In the second sound file at 37:27 the audio sounds as if you were listening to a radio that was losing the connection. Is this what you were looking for, Sean? This is something that has been going for quite a lot of episodes, but never thought much about it.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I’ve been hearing “static” hiccups during the past few podcasts. Nothing major.

  • Sean

    I just listened to it directly on Bandcamp and I didn’t hear anything weird. What format did you download it in? I’m wondering if something is happening with the auto conversion after we upload the files to Bandcamp.

    I guess that doesn’t explain why people are having issues with regular episodes though.

  • Kasper

    I downloaded this one in regular MP3. I can’t remember if that is always the case, though. If you want the specific file I can mail it to you, Sean.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Kasper .. thanks for the heads up … I appreciate it but I’ll pass. If it’s going to be this hard to collect them I’m probably going to return the ones I got

  • devolutionary

    I listened in Ogg Vorbis @ work (since that takes up the least disk space — same location as Kasper) but I’m pretty sure the same happens in MP3 format at home.