Film Junk Premium Podcast Episode #32: The Exorcist Anthology


Heading into the Halloween season, our latest premium podcast explores the odd film franchise that was built around what is arguably the scariest movie of all time. With a pair of strange, unconventional sequels and two different prequels shot from essentially the same script, there is a lot to discuss as we face our fear of demonic possession and locust suits. Central debates include the role of faith and underlying Christian mythology, the directorial skill required for jump scares, and the questionable acting chops of both Linda Blair and George C. Scott. So is The Exorcist II a cinematic abortion or is it merely misunderstood? Has Paul Schrader’s prequel been getting a free pass from critics? Is The Exorcist still terrifying after all these years? Click below to grab this month’s premium podcast… the power of Christ compels you.

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  • Nico

    @Sean: I was so happy about a rare horror premium, thank you for this treat!
    After enjoying it, one issue came up that is bugging me since and that I´d like to bring up here.

    As a huge horror fan I know that my favourite genre is unfortunately semi-banned from the podcast (except Jay´s Stuff We Watched) since the FJ host line-up underwent some changes and I respect that decision.
    But as a (happily)paying costumer for a premium podcast, it made me kind of mad that one FJ member clearly didn´t even really bother to watch one the only 5 films discussed. This was painfully obvious, not only to Jay.

    Completely forgetting about the main set-piece of the movie which is one of the most effective scare sequences in horror history?? C´mon!! (and that wasn´t the only “amnesia” moment!).
    I just found this dissapointing and kind of disrespectful to the listeners(and premium buyers). And characteristically this FJ member quickly and successfully weaseled out whenever this came up and wasn´t further bothered by his co-hosts about it ( which will only enable him in the future of course).
    I was really, really looking forward to your “Halloween”-premium, but as long 1/3 of Filmjunk doesn´t have the balls(or respect) to man up and watch the movies of this genre in a normal non-pussy way (with undivided attention, at a NORMAL volume, not playing video games simultaneously etc.), then I´d rather listen to a non horror premium. Which would be a shame.

  • Sean

    Well to be fair, Jay also said he watched some of the prequels at 1.5x speed (although he had seen them previously). It can be a lot of work to prepare for these premiums and sometimes we are cramming to get all of the movies watched in time, so occasionally there are minor oversights. I don’t think this is necessarily a case of Frank avoiding or disrespecting horror on purpose.

    As for the amount of horror content, I think we make an effort to cover the bigger and more important horror releases. If there are specific movies you want us to talk about, don’t be afraid to let us know. We definitely try to do more horror stuff in the month of October so stay tuned as there will be more coming in the near future. Thanks!

  • T. Heilman

    Good show, though I don’t envy you having to sit through 2 and 4. I suppose that is the problem with most horror franchises (as we will see with Halloween). Obviously you don’t want to cover certain series (Hellraiser, Leprechaun, T.C.M., Children of the Corn, etc…) because most of the entries are unwatchable garbage.
    I would suggest a Hammer Films premium would be interesting. The quality may vary a bit but there is a lot to choose from and nothing I have seen from them that is a chore to watch.
    Also a Psycho special would be cool. With II and III being massively underrated, IV being watchable and the remake… well – would be a good discussion. You can even throw in Bates Motel and Hitchcock in there too.
    Just some suggestions, looking forward the next one…

  • Nico

    Thanks for the reply Sean!
    I´ll stay hopeful that Frank won´t try to common-weasel his way through the next horror watch~
    (helpful advice: block any kind of volume control on his bluray watching devices to prevent his usual castration of said genre film)
    In the worst case you can always invite any female as a temporary KOC replacement, as there´s a 99% chance she will have bigger balls to watch the desired movie.

  • Sam

    Even though he’s not a fan, I’m still interested in what Frank has to say about these horror movies even though it can be frustrating at times. Though I guess I also was a little letdown that it did seem like he didn’t pay full attention to part 3, since that precise scene in question was one of the things I was curious to hear Frank talk about because it definitely is one of the most effective jump scares in my opinion in any horror film.

  • Maik

    Frank was clearly playing Candy Crush all through The Exorcist III.

  • B.J.

    His quick Frank-style smoke-screening (after he got caught missing entire key scenes) also spoke volumes.

  • VG-Hot

    Frank´s reaction to the famous hospital scene in Part 3 was also the thing I was mostly looking forward to.(I actually skipped right to that part of the podcast immediately after downloading).
    When he drew a complete blank upon being asked about that highly memorable scare, I knew something smelled extremely fishy. There is NO WAY he didn´t jump for miles if he actually watched it. Jay´s suspicions were right.
    I feel cheated.

  • DstrbPix

    The KOC totally got busted this time.
    Frank-gate Premium.

  • Essie

    Thanks so much for the show! I can’t imagine sitting through those prequels!

    Jay, I think it’s awesome that you are referencing Lynch more and more on the shows. I completely agree that William Peter Blatty is working in the same headspace as Lynch, although I’m not sure he even reached the highs of DL. Don’t see his work mirroring John Carpenter much, really.

  • Loren

    After watching 5 films, it would be hard to remember everything. Especially when you do the podcast 3-4 days after you watched Exorcist III.

  • Maik

    Someone as jumpy as Frank coincidentally “forgetting” the biggest jump scare out of all of the 5 movies? yeaahhhh……

  • Sam

    Yeah, I agree.

    It’s one of the most memorable scenes in the whole franchise and I’d say the most memorable if you exclude the original film.

    The guys are always very good at covering the movies thoroughly and it’s telling that there are a number of people that were specifically looking forward to Frank’s reaction.

    It’s still another great premium and will continue to look forward to any and all premiums. It’s just a bit of a “bonerkiller”

  • Misty7

    Yup, Frank completely fucked us in this premium.

  • Tim

    Why Jay once again let Frank get away with this (apart from some soft,careful remarks) is a mystery to me. I was counting on him.
    Jay just can´t be bothered nowaydays.(*cough*xanax*cough)

  • Essie

    Are you guys talking about Part 3? I just got done with that part and it didn’t really stick out to me. He was able to talk about the film enough to make it seem like he had seen it so I will assume he did. I guess because we are paying for these episodes it’s okay to be more critical, but it seemed like a minor thing to me.

  • Maik

    well, Jay was openly suspicious about Frank blanking on the key scene of the movie/main scare of the 5 films.
    And I was just really looking forward to Frank´s reaction to the jump scare of all jump scares.

    What we got instead was:

    ” mmhh… yeahhh… got me a little bit… ”

    Bitch got busted, plain and simple.

  • Sam

    Yeah, it is getting blown out of proportion a bit, though I’m one of the ones being critical.

    He definitely watched the movie and I definitely think he watched it enough to have a valid opinion on it. In my case, I’m just a little saddened that he didn’t shit himself during that scene and speak of it on the show. Instead, he hardly remembered it.

    I think Jay’s “accusation” that he was doing something while watching the movie is probably plausible, but I don’t think that’s a crime.

  • Sam

    I love that Jay’s go-to line was the “Your cunting daughter!!” line. Great line.

  • Toad

    But can Frank rate the half(quarter?)-watch of “The Exorcist 3″ on Letterboxd? Clearly a severe violation of the commandments!

  • Essie

    Oh, will you guys be reviewing the Rob Zombie Halloween films for the premium?

  • Annette.H

    I´m concerned for the Halloween premium now….
    Frank cannot be trusted with his horror watches.

  • Len F.

    Presumably I have everything covered for this episode if I just order the newish complete Blu-ray anthology? Anyone know if there is French on the cover/spine of the version?

  • Sean

    No, we’re just doing the original 8 films.

  • Sean

    The Complete Blu-ray Anthology has all 5 films that we talked about. It also has lots of French on it.

  • Colin

    Which is a greater cinematic sin?

    Jay’s unabashed use of 1.5 speed at any opportunity or Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist?

  • Len F.

    Ugh. Well thanks; guess I’ll just have to bite the crepe and buy it anyway. :

  • Maik

    Frank´s sneaky fake-watch of Exorcist 3?

  • devolutionary

    He was fairly thorough (despite his aversion to the tedium) during the Friday the 13th premium, albeit that’s not exactly a faithful horror franchise.

  • Ted

    The Friday the 13th franchise is fairly comedic(Part 6 is basically a comedy) and mostly not very scary.

    Some of the Halloween movies on the other hand are quite intense and might lead Frank back to his cheating ways of watching them essentially mute, with bright lights while assembling a barbecue.

  • devolutionary

    That’s definitely possible but I find just as much pulp with the latter ones. The fact that Frank loves the craftsmanship of the original leads me to believe this franchise won’t freak him out though. I really admire part 3 even though it has nothing to do with Michael Myers (plus it’s my 2nd favourite Halloween score). I don’t even know if prescribing Frank jump-scare movies is helpful. I’d rather he watch movies that subvert or transcend that in spite of the jump-scares.

  • milan

    talking about dudley moore and that he should play burke, i always believed that kinderman should have been played by peter falk (and play the character as columbo) and father damien would be a great fit for sly stallone…

  • devolutionary

    Can’t wait for Frank to eventually finish his parody lyrics to Cocomo. “The leopard, the locust, this movie’s not in focus! Coco-mooo! He’ll get possessed and then he’ll save your sooooul.”

  • ProjectGenesis

    But Jay was shocked when Frank didn’t recognize Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s as Dr. “Bad News ” Crews in F13: Part 7.

  • Len F.

    Sorry, last question; do you discuss the Theatrical or Director’s Cut of the original film, or both?

  • Sean

    We all watched the theatrical version but we do briefly discuss some of the additions for the DC and how we feel about them.

  • Len F.

    Thank you kindly sir.

  • Tabu

    Cue to Frank´s face, expressionless. Jay: “Frank! What were you doing when you watched this movie?”

  • ftracy3

    Another great premium. Glad you reviewed the original and not the “version you’ve never seen.” which is oddly called a director’s cut since it’s stuff that Blatty wanted. He thought the original ending was too bleak and lacking optimism (which is wrong–that goodbye scene on the street where Regan says goodbye to Father Dyer is all the movie needs). The book is worth a read, btw…the movie is very faithful but cuts down Kinderman and a small subplot involving the housekeepers’ daughter.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Come on, I mean really, how many barbecues does Frank need to build!?

  • Sam

    Much props to Sean for his heroics on this premium. Very cool of him.

  • Dstrbpx

    Frank will build barbecues as long as there are horror movies he has to “watch”(on mute) for Filmjunk.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    A video depicting reactions to the initial viewings of The Exorcist in 1973