Ball Junk Podcast Episode #7: March Madness 2014


Dust off your balls! It’s time for Episode 7 of the Ball Junk Podcast! The Gasman and Frankie Knuckles make their Final Four picks and talk a little March Madness, discuss the latest news in the NBA, hype up some sports docs announced for Hot Docs and reveal the secret connection between Colts QB Andrew Luck and one of our hosts. All that, plus Balls Around the World, Sack Time and our new feature the Gas Pedal. Check it out! Ballin’!

0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:30 – Floods / Olympics / Super Bowl
0:25:50 – March Madness
0:50:46 – NBA Talk
1:22:02- Sports Related Hot Docs Picks
1:28:09- Greg and Andrew Luck Connection
1:34:17 – Balls Around The World
1:48:20- Sack Time
2:05:44 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Kasper

    Sweet mama, over two hours of unfiltered balls.

  • Kasper

    I actually liked The Express. But then again I knew nothing about the guy. I don’t know if that changes how you experience the film, but no matter what I thought it was entertaining.

  • Kasper

    To cap off my hat-trick of comments, the Gas Pedal segment was short but sweet and I agree with Greg 100% – seeing small children falling off angry sheep is fantastic.

    Hopefully this new segment makes a return in the next episode, hopefully with the addition of questions from Frank to Greg.

  • “Hey Hey What’d ya Say!” That’s what my internal dialouge said when I saw the Ball Junk Logo!

  • Lisa

    Why didn’t you guys talk about the European Champions League?

  • devolutionary

    Origin of team names for all 30 current NBA teams. A lot of them I already knew but thought it was funny on the backlash for the Wizards (Ku Klux Klan connotation). Obviously Bullets was deemed offensive for gun violence. Interesting that ‘Bobcats’ was a originally a consideration for Toronto.

  • pcch7

    I’m guessing they recorded before the games were played?

  • pcch7

    I want lacrosse back in the olympics..

  • Sam

    I don’t really get interested in hearing someone talk about something they’re not that passionate about. Hell, the only sport I really care about is baseball, but I can listen to Frank and Greg talk NFL and NBA all day since they care about it.

  • John Abides

    Thanks for playing devil’s advocate in the age limits debate, Frank. Sports are so weird in how we accept bizarre limitations. Imagine if Frank were a prodigy programmer, or Greg was a talented child actor. Would it be acceptable to say to Frank, “This Google idea seems pretty cool, but we’re worried that if you succeed at too young an age, you won’t learn valuable life lessons and will waste the money. Therefore, before you do anything, you must graduate college, get some experience, and then do a startup.” Or perhaps to Greg, “Sure, this TV gig looks like it might work out and launch you into a lucrative career as an actor, but look at River Phoenix! You don’t want to end up like that, so we’re going to cap your pay at $70k until you grow up and can learn to be responsible. Who’s getting the rest of the money you ask? Well, me of course!” says an anonymous executive.

    It seems if you are actually concerned about player’s well-being, you would get them counseling and keep older players from exploiting the new recruits (re: Incognito). But then again, it’s all part of growing up. Maybe the money should be put into a retirement fund, or deferred until they get to be age 30, or some other solution. But not paying the athletes a fair share of the profits (since they drive a lot of it) is ridiculous. And forcing people to stay in college until they are 20 (as if they will actually graduate then?) is the same thing, except now they are getting no money!

    It just seems like a farm league would make more sense. College is filling the farm league role, except that a player cannot skip it (and doesn’t get paid).