Ball Junk Podcast Episode #5: Christmas 2013


It’s TIME! Ball Junk Episode V – A Good Day To Ball Hard. Get your sports fix as the Gasman and the ‘Nature Boy’ Frankie Knuckles sit down and chat the latest on the NFL and NBA seasons. We discuss our best and worst sports related Christmas gifts and do our very first Ball Junk film review! (Hint! It’s the greatest story ever told.) Once again, we look at Balls Around the World, answer your questions in Sack Time and figure out whether a 38 year old man watching college girls play volleyball is creepy or not. (Hint! It’s not.) Download it now and experience an audio orgasm! Ballin!!

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – General Discussion
09:18 – NFL Discussion
26:23 – NBA Discussion
45:43 – Review: The Sweater
57:14 – Sports Related Gifts
1:04:14 – What We Attended
1:17:50 – Balls Around The World
1:37:27 – Sack Time
2:10:10- Outro

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  • brad

    Another great episode. I have a suggestion though for the next podcast: Record right after the Pro Bowl so you can discuss the NFL Playoffs up until that point and make predictions for the Super Bowl. And then just do maybe a short “special” episode to discuss the Super Bowl afterwards?

  • devolutionary

    Awesome that you reviewed ‘The Sweater’. Cosmic coincidence but I ended up rewatching it on the NFB (Nat’l Film Board of Canada) website a few nights back while I was tired and wanted something quick to fall asleep to. Love that think French accent when Roch says “Tha Tor-own-toe May-pul Leafs and the Mon-tray-all Ca-na-diennes!”

  • crazyXcrazy


  • devolutionary

    The other theory behind Michael Jordan’s first retirement (which I think holds some merit) was potentially some life-altering crisis after his father was brutually murdered. Was it his father that had initially wanted his son to play baseball? Maybe this was to honor him seeing how he had potentially already reached his pinnacle in basketball relatively early.

  • Kasper

    As always this was awesome. Each episode of Balljunk just gets better and better (or more and more ballin’). Would love a show right before the Super bowl about your predictions, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • pcch7

    Those draws for the World Cup or any tournament are horrible. They always wheel out these old farts who can’t open the balls and drop them on the floor..

    Luis Suarez is gonna rape England in the ass in the WC by the way, and it’s gonna be fucking sweet.

  • kyri

    great show guys Thanks for keeping em coming!

  • Sean

    always killing it!