2013 Film Junk Reader’s Choice Awards: Voting is Now Open!


If you’ve been reading Film Junk for a while now, you may be familiar with a fun little tradition that we have around here. Every year we like to give you guys an opportunity to have a say in picking some of the best movies of the year. Just to make it a little more interesting, we break up some of the year’s best films into a number of different categories and then let you decide on the winners. It makes for some interesting discussion and also gives a little bit of insight into the general consensus picks for the year.

This time around, we expanded each category to six choices and we also gave you the freedom to create write-in votes for Best and Worst Movie of the Year. The criteria for picking our nominees in each category was based partially on our own opinions while also keeping each category competitive. We also tried to stick mainly to movies that received a U.S. release this year and in particular ones that we felt were accessible to most people. The winners will be revealed as part of our year end podcast at the end of the month. Now go ahead and cast your votes for the 2013 Film Junk Reader’s Choice Awards!

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  • Sly_Snailz

    Who will win the coveted $5k cash prize?

  • Sam

    I’m pretty happy that I’ve been more on point on this year in keeping up with movies rather than have to rush and see a bunch though there’s still a good chunk I need to catch up with.

    Best Comedy is pretty tough for me between World’s End and Alpha Papa. I like World’s End more overall, but feel Alpha Papa might be funnier as a pure comedy film.

    And I just watched Inside Llewyn Davis yesterday, but still voting for it as most anticipated as it was. Likely my favorite of the year so far.

  • piggystardust

    Spriiiiiing Breeeeaaakk

  • crazyXcrazy

    Their looking for the best right now, worst will probably be up in a week

  • piggystardust

    It’s a movie I can’t really blame anyone for not liking but I’d urge you to give it a second try.

  • Nathan

    Is Spring Breakers being considered 2012?

  • j-diggle

    Sad to see Spring Breakers not included, easily one of my faves this year.

    I’ve seen all but one of the most anticipated December releases so I guess it’s Wolf of Wall Street for me.

  • Jonnie123

    Best film for me this year was Mud, followed closely by Pines.

  • Mrespony

    It’s 2012 on IMDB. I know I didn’t see it in my local theater until 2013. I logged it in April 2013 on letterboxd. It was certainly the most enjoyable watch for me, alongside You’re Next.

  • Sean

    I know Jay had it on his list last year but the rest of us didn’t see it until this year. We probably should have found a place for it in the Indie category but you can still vote for it for Best Movie.

  • Steve Kroodsma

    Poor Pacific Rim has to compete with Gravity for sci-fi. I would personally have the latter under Thriller, but what can you do.

  • Tom Nook

    Blue Is the Warmest Color?

  • MUD was definitely released too early, judging by the attention it’s (not) getting. I loved it.

  • Steve Kasan

    Wolf of Wall Street should be included for Best comedy for it is the best comedy