Paul Greengrass to Take Over Stephen King’s The Stand?


Despite the fact that they keep hitting snags along the way, Warner Brothers and CBS Films remain committed to bringing Stephen King’s The Stand to the big screen in the near future. The adaptation first started taking shape back in 2011 with Roy Lee (The Lego Movie, The Strangers) producing, and soon afterward Ben Affleck was attached to direct. He was forced to drop out after signing on to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel and was quickly replaced by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart). Unfortunately, last week Scott Cooper also left the project due to creative differences (he was reportedly pushing for an R rating while the studio wanted PG-13). With the clock ticking on the rights to the book, the WB now has their sights set on another director to replace him. Could Paul Greengrass be ready to take on his first horror film?

According to Badass Digest, Paul Greengrass is currently at the top of the studio’s wishlist for The Stand. At this point, we don’t know if he has actually been approached or if he is even interested in the project, but at least we know that Warners still want to put a top notch director behind it. Unfortunately, it sounds like they are not willing to give those directors free rein, which could ultimately keep them away.

Greengrass had previously been circling some big budget tentpole films such as the Fantastic Voyage remake and a Blackbeard movie. Although he ended up returning to somewhat familiar territory with Captain Phillips, it seems that he is at least considering branching out and trying something new. Whether or not this is the right project to take him outside of his comfort zone remains to be seen. What do you think, could Paul Greengrass be an inspired choice to direct Stephen King’s The Stand?

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  • piggystardust

    Sounds good! This might be a better fit than Affleck, actually. I would have loved to see it get an R-rating, though.

  • Danw

    Frank Darabont.