Film Junk is Nominated for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards!


Well this is a pleasant surprise. I received an e-mail yesterday notifying me that Film Junk is a nominee for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards in not one, not two, but three different categories! We are nominated under Arts & Culture, Media & Journalism and Podcast & Vlog. The winners are set to be announced on Dec. 1st.

While I’m not sure that we actually have a shot at winning, the good news is there are no Firefly or Harry Potter podcasts in the running as far as I can tell. It’s also completely based on a jury of volunteers as opposed to public voting, which probably works in our favour. Either way, thanks to the jury for selecting us and also to whoever originally nominated us. Head over to the Canadian Weblog Awards to check out all of the other worthy nominees.

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  • Derek

    First, congratulations. You guys deserve this. Second, did you check to make sure this isn’t a prank by the illuminati? Third, love that you cemented your Canadian cred with the spelling of “favour”.

  • Anthony Hebert

    It’s a shame you guys aren’t nominated for the Feminist category, as you have nothing but positive things to say about women as a whole. :-P

  • seany p

    way to go guys!

  • Woohoo! Congrats gents, you deserve it. Best of luck!

  • Dave

    Awesome! One of the best podcasts out there, regardless of the country!

  • Jr

    Noice! I hopes you wins!

  • Sam

    Congrats guys!

    I listen to like 20+ different podcasts of varying frequency, mostly all film, video game or comedy related and I got to say in all honesty, Film Junk is my favorite. Get a lot more laughs from you guys than I do from even strictly comedic podcasts. Keep it up guys and good luck!

  • Nat Almirall

    Looks like there’s some stiff competition from “Artemis and Friends Archery Co.”, “Lesbian Fiction Books and Lesbian Fiction Authors” and “thriftymommasbrainfood.”

  • ProCynic

    Good Luck Fuckers!

  • Indianamcclain


  • Jake Miles

    Good work

  • Lior

    Wow, I didn’t know there were so many Canadian podcasts around. I wish I could vote for you guys, you’re top quality and deserve a place up there. Congratualtions.

  • Cy_Ed

    about time you guys got some recognition

  • Justicerulez

    Congratulations guys! You all really do an amazing job (and a lot of work) to entertain us. You’ll always be the Canadian Weblog Awards winners to me.