Game Junk PSA: Citizens of Earth Gets a Kickstarter Campaign


We don’t post about many Kickstarter campaigns here, much less Kickstarter campaigns for video games, but I wanted to give a quick plug for Citizens of Earth, an indie RPG that is currently in development from Eden Industries. If you listen to the Game Junk Podcast, you’ll know that Andrew is the Tech Director on the project and he has been pouring almost all of his spare time into this game. They’re doing it completely indie without taking a paycheck during development, but now they’re looking to raise money to pay for art outsourcing to finish the game.

The game is influenced by the SNES classic Earthbound and it takes place in a contemporary setting where you can recruit every day people to join your party. It has a quirky sense of humour and aims to satisfy both casual gamers and hardcore RPG fans. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, why not give them a helping hand? The Kickstarter video is embedded after the jump; head over to Kickstarter to get more info on the game and also to download the PC demo.

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