Ben Affleck Addresses the Batfleck Backlash


At long last, Ben Affleck has finally broken his silence over being cast as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. At this point he is clearly well aware of the fan backlash, and he commented on that backlash during his recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. While I can’t really say he made a strong case for why people should believe in the project, he did make light of the situation and claim that Warner Brothers tried to prepare him for the potential negative responses. He also did not comment on previous reports that Affleck’s Batman will be “tired and weary.”

In related Ben Affleck news, he will be directing the pilot episode of a crime series set in 1960s Boston called The Middle Man. FOX recently announced that they had ordered a pilot episode of the show, which will be written by Glenn Gordon Caron (Medium). Check out the Jimmy Fallon interview after the jump.

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  • Scott Gibbons

    What it shows is, while he jokes how weird and shocking it can be, he also doesn’t give a crap, and good for him, who gives a crap about fanboy nerds ? i dont. and also ben can laugh with his millions in the Bank. they need to worry about getting a shower.

  • Jason

    Well I was one of the very few peeps that punched the air with approval when mr Affleck was announced as batman. after seeing that he is brushing off the comments with is billion dollar Bruce Wayne smile it just makes me more chuffed! If all the so called comic book geeks and nerds would kindly stick to reading their comics and realised that film is a completely different medium and leave the films to film fans, all this animosity would go away…..I tell you what, why don’t the inter-nerds start seeking out original movies that can’t be compared to their beloved books? Simple!
    Ben Affleck is now batman. Live with it…Argo-f**k-yourselves

  • Deven Science

    Such heated comments here towards fanboys. Uh, fellas, the great majority of this site is also comprised of fanboys. It’s just that no one wants to admit that on Film Junk, for some reason.