Jurassic Park 4 Gets a New Title and Release Date


Earlier this year when Universal first announced that a new Jurassic Park film was set for release in June 2014, it caught a lot of people off guard. At the time, they still didn’t have a director and it was unclear if they even had a finished script. A few months later they hired Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) to helm the movie and started prepping to shoot in July. In the end, someone decided it was all moving too fast and they put the project on hold to rethink it. Now this week things are back on track as Universal has unveiled a new release date along with a brand new title: Jurassic World.

According to a press release, Universal Pictures will release Jurassic World on Friday, June 12th, 2015. No other movies are currently scheduled for release on that date. The movie will be shot in 3D and it will be produced by Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley with Steven Spielberg on board as executive producer.

Variety reports that a rewrite did indeed take place with Colin Trevorrow and Safety Not Guaranteed writer Derek Connolly touching up the original script by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). They are also reporting that Bryce Dallas Howard, Garrett Hedlund and David Oyelowo (Jack Reacher, Red Tails) are currently the top choices to star in the film.

The title change obviously coincides with reports that this will be a reboot of sorts and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are looking at this as the start of a new trilogy. As for the new release date, it sucks that we’ll have to wait another year but it sounds like it was probably for the best. Do you have high hopes for Jurassic World?

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  • Flo Lieb

    Do you have high hopes for Jurassic World?

    If Bryce Dallas Howard does indeed join the project my hope at least is awaken. Still don’t fancy the whole reboot idea though.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I hope the title is literal and dinosaurs are loose all over the world, causing mayhem, death, and destruction. Only one man can stop them: GOLDBLUM. World-weary and impaired by alcoholism, he sees this as a chance to turn his life around. Along with his now adult daughter, an MMA fighter who can hold more than her own against any dinosaur, set out to SAVE THE WORLD FROM THE DINOS.

    But it’s probably just a new name for another park, like Disney World. Boring.

  • devolutionary

    I like the sleek minor update to the logo most. Everything else is just ‘window-dressing’.

  • pineapplepuss

    I think this movie will be really Jurassic (I’m saying this thinking Jurassic means really big)

  • James

    I’m thinking that 2015 is getting way too crowded!

  • Owozifa

    I hope it’s about communist dinosaurs taking over the government.