Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Extras to Be Divided Up Among Various Retailers


If you needed another sign that physical media is dying and that Blu-ray could soon go the way of the dodo, here’s another potential indicator of where things are headed. Paramount will release Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray in a little over a week (Tues. Sept. 10th to be exact). While you would expect a blockbuster of this magnitude to be packed with special features (as the last Star Trek movie was), the list of extras includes just seven featurettes: no deleted scenes, no audio commentary… not even a trailer. The obvious assumption is that they are planning a deluxe edition double dip down the road, but now it looks like that may not be the case. As it turns out, more supplementary material exists, but it has all been spread around as exclusive content to different retailers. In other words, it’s a collector’s worst nightmare.

According to The Digital Bits, there are some additional featurettes and an audio commentary for Star Trek Into Darkness provided by director J.J. Abrams. But in order to get all of these things you’ll have to buy the movie from Target, Best Buy and iTunes. Target and Best Buy appear to be providing their material on exclusive bonus discs, but the biggest shock is that the audio commentary is only available via iTunes. That’s right, there is currently no way to get the audio commentary for Star Trek Into Darkness on a physical disc.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen retailers offer exclusive bonus material with DVD and Blu-ray releases, but usually this involves cool packaging or a toy or t-shirt… in other words, something that is not essential to the disc itself. But this seems like they are crossing a line and a lot of Blu-ray collectors are pretty peeved about the whole ordeal. Some people are already saying that they simply will not buy the Blu-ray, while others will stop buying all future Paramount Blu-ray releases as well. What do you think, is this a bad way to treat Star Trek fans? Do these retail exclusives bother you or do you not care about extras on movies that you buy?

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  • Steve Kroodsma

    Reed’s house is a perfect example of how easily studios will abuse the loyalty of Trekkies.

    This is a real shame because I was actually looking forward to picking up the 3D Blu-Ray of this, but now I’ll probably just skip it. Stuff like this really makes me appreciate companies like Criterion.

  • Adam

    I’ll bet Reed will record the DVD synced with the audio iTunes commentary onto a VHS Tape

  • Kronos

    Is this just for Blue-ray? What about DVDs they doing this nonsense as well?

  • Sean

    There is no DVD, just a Blu-ray / DVD combo pack.

  • Sean

    Sorry, I stand corrected. There is a DVD but it is barebones with no extras at all.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I think this calls for an emergency movie organization manifesto podcast.

  • Lior

    It’s a weird decision since it seems to me the people who will buy the movie on itunes are not necessarily the audience that will care about audio commentaries that much. I would love to see someone in Paramount explain this decision. The only reason I can think of is that it’s meant to encourage getting the movie on itunes instead over physical media but it doesn’t make sense to me for the reason stated above. And I don’t think adding another audio track on a Blu-Ray is that much of an extra cost. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this becomes a Paramount staple or if it’s just this one release. Maybe JJ Abrams is a really big fan of itunes…

  • Sean

    Yeah, I don’t think it benefits Paramount at all. It seems more like a case of scratching some retailers’ backs in exchange for additional marketing / premium placement.

    I forgot to mention that the movie is already out on iTunes, which seems like enough extra motivation to get people to buy it there.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    As Frank would say, this is disgusting.

  • Joel Jambon

    The film was a letdown anyway, but I was absolutely going to buy the blu-ray to see the extra stuff. Oh, I can’t have it all unless I buy four copies?

    My reaction is this makes me so mad I’m not buying ANY of it.

  • I rarely watch the bonus features these days, but this still makes me angry.

  • Captain Fram

    The marketing / premium placement call is bang on the money, I reckon. Now each retailer will be able to put up posters / ads saying “get EXCLUSIVE special features only when you buy from us” and Paramount benefits from the increased sales from greater exposure. Bah.

    This reminds me of the way videogames have been doing exclusive retailer-specific content for Gamespot, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. It’s been happening for years now. It’s also shit.

  • Olivia

    This makes me mad because as a fan of Star Trek and benedict cumberbatch I was so excited to get the movie and see ALL the special features. Now I’m looking at buying 4 diffrent CDs just for all of them. And frankly I don’t have that money. Sadly I will not be buying ANY CDs of this AWESOME film that I have seen 3 times in theaters for.

    Sad paramount. Just sad and disparate for money that they would have got if they wouldn’t have done this.

  • Mark Coveney

    i bought my dvd copy of star trek into darkness from sainsburys bescause, 1-the price and 2-it came with a bonus disc whitch you could only get from them.

  • Wendy Stevens

    It’s an outrageous way to sell, with the extra material spread out like that. Also deceptive marketing on the blueray that lists the featurettes “and much more”. Being busy, I assumed the main basic extra material would be included, the essentials like directors commentary and bloopers if they existed. I was puzzled at the lack of extras on my disc and checked the internet to find numerous articles and angered fans on this topic. There should at least have been clear warning right at the retailers that their version contains only some of the extras. We shouldn’t have to do extensive internet research and make our own lists of what to buy where just to get a movie with the extra material.