Should Simon Pegg Be Marvel’s Ant-Man?


While Simon Pegg was doing press for The World’s End around New York City this week, he also made time to stop by the offices of Marvel for a little visit. From there he posted a few random photos on Twitter, one of which immediately caused a ruckus on the internet. The photo in question shows him posing in front of a painting with his finger pointed at Ant-Man. This immediately triggered a wave of fanboy excitement with many people assuming that he was subtly announcing that he might take on the lead role in his pal Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie. Since then, both he and Edgar Wright have denied that the photo was meant to imply anything, but it does raise the question: why *doesn’t* he play Ant-Man?

For the sake of posterity, here is the trail of Twitter messages that Pegg posted following the photo:

Marvel’s executive editorial director Ryan Penagos (aka Agent M) has said that Pegg was at Marvel to record an episode of the This Week in Marvel podcast, and it genuinely seems that it was nothing more than that. However, I can see why people might be making assumptions considering how Vin Diesel announced his Guardians of the Galaxy role on Facebook earlier this week. Ironically, Pegg was asked about the possibility of starring in Ant-Man a couple of years ago but sidestepped the question by saying, “That’s a Marvel movie – funny-looking British actors don’t play a big part in that unless they’re bad.”

His argument would seem to make sense, but now that Chris Pratt is now playing Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, almost anything seems possible. Ant-Man is being billed as a comedy first and foremost and Hank Pym is a scientist. Simon Pegg is a well-known star with plenty of geek cred who has worked closely with Edgar Wright many times before. It seems crazy that they wouldn’t at least consider it. What do you think, would you like to see Simon Pegg play Ant-Man?

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  • Xidor


  • Steve Kroodsma

    Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are such a winning combo, this seems like a no brainer. Especially considering that it could pull in a lot of people who don’t really care about Ant-Man.

  • piggystardust

    I think Nick Frost should be AntMan and when he shrinks he turns into Simon Pegg.

  • Jason Black

    Its seems a good match to me!