Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises Trailer


While Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film The Wind Rises has been dominating the box office in Japan with four straight weekends at #1, there are no North American release plans as of yet. The movie does not actually have a U.S. distributor, but we now know that it will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month where it will likely be one of the hottest tickets at the fest. This week they released a new trailer for the film, which is actually just the previously released Japanese trailer with English subtitles.

The Wind Rises is Miyazaki’s first movie since Ponyo back in 2008 and it is loosely based on the life of Jiro Horikoshi, a famous Japanese engineer who designed fighter planes for Japan during World War II. It seems decidedly less fantastical and whimsical than most of his previous work, but as always the animation looks quite beautiful. Are you looking forward to The Wind Rises? Check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Joachim Lothe-Rikenberg

    I’m always looking forward to Miyasaki projects.

  • La Menthe

    Now that’s what you call an animation film. Not the hollow CGI-bullshit in North America.

  • La Menthe

    The subtitle text must be wrong. Because it reads: “In 1920’s Japan, people suffered life with The Great Depression”. Maybe someone mistaked the “2” for a “3”?