Honda Launches Project Drive-In to Help Save Drive-In Theatres


For many decades now, drive-in theatres have been an endangered species across North America. Back in the ’50s, there were close to 5000 drive-ins in operation and today the grand total is estimated at less than 500. Changes in viewing habits and the rise of the multiplex slowly eroded what was once a staple of American culture, and recently, with the move to digital projection, there has been a genuine concern that it will kill the drive-in industry for good. Here in Southern Ontario we are fortunate to have a handful of drive-ins that already made the transition to digital, but others have not been quite so lucky. Which is why Honda’s new Project Drive-In campaign is something we can absolutely get behind. Hit the jump to find out how you can help save drive-ins across America.

Honda is launching a national effort to help as many drive-ins as possible make the switch to digital projection. The company will be donating 5 digital projectors themselves, allowing participants to vote on the theatres that they think should receive them. On top of that, however, they are also raising additional funding and, more importantly, raising awareness about the issue at hand. The winning theatres will also get to hold a special screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. I’m not sure why that movie specifically was chosen, but I suppose it is an ideal family-friendly flick.

As you probably know, we are big fans of the drive-in here at Film Junk and cannot say enough good things about this unique moviegoing experience. Although the campaign seems to be for U.S. drive-ins only, the extra exposure is definitely a good thing. Many people out there probably don’t even know that they have a drive-in nearby, so if you are able, do yourself a favour and visit your local drive-in before the end of the summer. Check out the Project Drive-In website to get involved and help spread the love!

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