Gran Turismo Movie in the Works at Sony


It only took six movies for other studios to finally stand up and take notice of the insane success of the Fast & Furious franchise. Now everyone is trying to put the pedal to the metal on their own fast car franchise to compete with Universal. DreamWorks has a Need for Speed movie starring Aaron Paul set to hit theatres in March 2014 and Legendary Pictures is reportedly close to settling on a director for their own Hot Wheels movie based on Mattel’s classic toy car line. Now this week Sony is supposedly gearing up for a feature film based on their popular Gran Turismo series of racing video games. Can any of these movies hope to capture even a fraction of the Fast & Furious fan base?

According to The Wrap, producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti (The Social Network) are overseeing a Gran Turismo movie for Sony. This will join Uncharted, God of War and Shadow of the Colossus as one of a number of Sony video game properties being slowly adapted for the big screen. It seems likely that this will take priority over the others, however, especially considering that Gran Turismo 6 is expected to be released later this year for the Playstation 3.

Unlike the Need for Speed series, which focuses on underground street racing, GT has always been about hyper-realistic track racing. If you ask me, that makes it a lot less interesting as a potential action movie franchise, but perhaps they will take the movie in a different direction. Either way, I can’t help but feel that these other studios are completely overlooking what makes Fast & Furious movies so popular. Fans have said time and again that it’s not about the cars, it’s the characters that they have grown attached to. Do you have any interest in a Gran Turismo movie?

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  • Steve Kroodsma

    Let’s not forget Street Racer, the 2008 Asylum film. A classic!

  • Blake in Boston

    I think, to be true to the source material, one third of the film should be navigating menus and loading screens to smooth jazz and calming piano.

  • Bandit Manatee

    wow… I can’t wait to see all my favorite characters from the gran turismo franchse come alive on the big screen!

  • PSenay

    I would think Rush is basically the Gran Turismo movie.

  • Steve Ferraioli

    As long as they feature the Zonda, I’m there.

  • Henry

    So long as the first eight films in the franchise are frustratingly slow…