Jacob’s Ladder Remake in the Works


Now that Hollywood has just about exhausted the list of ’70s and ’80s horror films from which they can produce remakes, it appears that they are now moving on to the ’90s instead. The decade was mostly known for serial killer thrillers like The Silence of the Lambs and the resurgence of teen slashers thanks to the Scream series, but there were at least a few other genre gems hidden in there as well. One of the more well-regarded but slightly under-the-radar horror flicks of the ’90s was Adrian Lyne’s 1990 film Jacob’s Ladder. The movie starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam vet who experiences hallucinations and flashbacks as he slowly starts to lose his grip on reality. It was a moderate hit at the time, but would a remake appeal to today’s audiences?

According to THR, LD Entertainment is in the process of setting up a new version of Jacob’s Ladder with producers Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig, the folks behind the 2011 Fright Night remake. Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train) has been hired to pen the script, touching up an earlier draft by Jake Wade Wall (When a Stranger Calls). They are currently in search of a director for the project.

Their plan is to make something that is more of an homage than a direct copy of the original, which I guess is a way of saying that we shouldn’t expect the same twist ending. The story will focus on new situations and characters but will still pose existential questions. Either way, I think there could be an audience for this, especially considering that the original film was also a huge influence on the Silent Hill video game series. What do you think, is Jacob’s Ladder a movie you’d like to see remade?

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  • T. Heilman

    Sounds like a vehicle to create more Insidious and Sinister-style jump scares rather than an intelligent meditation on loss, guilt and regret. It will miss the point I am sure.

  • Stinker

    Wunder if they change the “gag” aka Mindfu… . Otherwise, they switch the main actor from a vietnam to a Gulf or Afgan. Veteran, increase the gore and jump scares and otherwise ruin the idea behind the original. And everyone who has seen the 1990 version will know the “ending”. Wunder if the Kid in the Moive will have a life like the 1990 kid which starred in movies like Kevin alone and other great movies.