Independence Daysaster Trailer


Alright, now I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t an Asylum knock-off of Independence Day. It’s actually a Syfy original movie that seems more inspired by Battleship than the Roland Emmerich film. (Big difference!) Still, based on the trailer, there is at least one scene with a rousing July 4th speech and a giant alien ship overhead, so maybe it’s a bit of both? One can only hope. Either way, the folks over at Syfy certainly have a knack for mashing two random words together and creating ridiculous movies out of them, and this looks like more of the same. Independence Daysaster premieres tonight on Syfy; bask in the full glory of the trailer after the jump.

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  • I can’t wait for this one tonight! I’m a pretty big fan of the low budget cheesy/campy B-Movies that SyFy, Asylum, Active Entertainment, MTI Home Video, and all those companies make. In all honesty, I find most of them more entertaining then a lot of big budget movies these days. Of course they’re low budget and essentially total crap…but they’re a hell of a lot of fun, which is more then I can say about a lot of Hollywood blockbusters.

    Seriously, between Asylum’s upcoming Pacific Rim mockbuster, Atlantic Rim, and SyFy’s soon-to-air Sharknado, how can you go wrong?

  • Clive Langham


  • Brian M

    Alien yo-yo’s

  • Stinker

    Well, they got the Shredder from Battleship and made whole movie out of the file for this special effect. Looks like a copy and Paste movie, but then again…with the right state of mind it could be fine. Esp. when playing “this is from….” with a alcohol beverage.

  • Phil

    Rubbish. camera constantly shaking, gets annoying after 15 minutes, had a headache and switched over the channel for my eyes to re focus.

  • gaytta

    Who the heck made this crap! I will never watch crap like this even its free or someone makes me watch!