Robert Downey Jr. Will Return for The Avengers 2 and 3 (But Not Iron Man 4?)


Leading up to the release of Iron Man 3, there had been a lot of speculation about the future of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially because Robert Downey Jr.’s contract would expire with this film. There had been some hints that maybe Marvel could replace him with a different actor, but fans were not particularly pleased about the possibility. Gwyneth Paltrow eventually came out and said that Iron Man 3 would likely be the final Iron Man film. Well, it would seem that she was speaking the truth. Marvel announced today that they had secured Robert Downey Jr. for two more movies, but neither one of them is called Iron Man 4. Hit the jump for more details on the deal.

According to an announcement directly from Marvel themselves, Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man / Tony Stark for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3. The first one is scheduled to hit theatres on May 1st, 2015, while the other is still TBA. The deal is a two-picture agreement that does not seem to include any other options as far as we know. No word on whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow is expected to return as Pepper Potts.

Marvel has a reputation for being extremely cheap and tough on negotiations, which was seen as a potential problem for The Avengers franchise moving forward. Clearly they feel that Robert Downey Jr. was too valuable to cut loose, although there may be a few other Avengers cast members who do not yet have deals in place for the sequels. Either way, it seems unlikely that Iron Man will get any additional solo films at this point. Are you happy to see Robert Downey Jr. return as Tony Stark? Do you care that we won’t see any more Iron Man movies in the near future?

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  • Master Cheese Pizza

    I’m. So. Sick. Of. Super. Hero. Movies.

  • iron man

    I wish if the Iron Mans had been a more solid trilogy, then I’d be happy they were done. but only the first one was good so this is too bad.

  • Andrew

    I didn’t much care for Iron Man 3, so I’m good with them ending it.

  • Theo

    I think they should leave where it’s at… and just let him appear in Avengers sequels. I thought Ironman 3 was pretty good…..definitely better than part 2. Keep it as the decent trilogy it is… and move on to another Marvel character that hasn’t been seen, for cryin out loud.