FYI: Film Junk is Now Using Disqus for Comments


In case you haven’t noticed, I just wanted to mention that we finally decided to get with the times and switch over to a slightly more advanced commenting system here on Film Junk. We are hoping that Disqus will enhance the conversations that we have on the site by adding some frequently requested features like threading and the ability to edit comments. It also has integration with Twitter, social tagging and a voting system, among other things.

Plenty of other major blogs already use Disqus, so hopefully many of you will already be familiar with it, but if you’re having issues, definitely let us know. I’m still learning everything that is possible with it myself. Generally speaking, everyone can customize their own experience by choosing how they want comments to be sorted, etc. Hopefully this will also help to address some server issues we’ve been having lately. Are there any other features you’d like to see added to Film Junk in the near future?

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