Stallone Considering Mel Gibson to Direct The Expendables 3?


Although the success of The Expendables supposedly proved that there is interest in seeing ’80s action stars return to the big screen, the failure of both The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head would seem to indicate that fans are only interested if there are a bunch of them together in one movie. The upcoming Stallone / Schwarzenegger film The Tomb (recently retitled to Escape Plan) will likely give a definitive answer on this when it hits theatres in September. The success of that movie could help determine whether or not we will see a third Expendables film, although it sounds like Stallone is already banking on it happening. We’ve already heard some casting rumours floating around, but now Stallone is hinting at a possible director for the project. Would you believe… Mel Gibson?

The news comes straight from Stallone himself, although at this point it is difficult to say how serious he is. He took to Twitter a few days ago and initially polled his followers for their thoughts on Mel Gibson directing The Expendables 5. Then he followed it up with the following tweet:

I think we can all agree that Mel Gibson would be an inspired choice to direct this movie, but whether or not he would actually consider it is the bigger question. He doesn’t seem to have a whole lot going on right now and I’m sure a lot of people are still afraid to cast him in anything. Getting back behind the camera could be a good move for him. At any rate, it sounds like Stallone himself has no plans to direct the next Expendables flick himself. Would you like to see Mel Gibson direct The Expendables 3?

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  • La Menthe

    I appreciate the fact that he is trying to help him out. The media ruined his career, after he said some unfortunate things about Jews (as if we never, off the record, say controversial things from time to time), although the witch-hunt started with the ridiculous anti-Semitic claim about Passion of the Christ.

    Whn “ripped the shit out of Jesus”like Doug Nagy said it, in the most appealing portrayal of Jesus, and then made the incredible Apocalypto, I was really looking forward to his future directorial projects, as he was definitely a man of great talent (Apocalypto is the best historic action-film since Gladiator). But Hollywood halted his career, and itpisses me off that his proposal to create a viking-film (imagine how great that would be?) was stopped because of this.

    The Expendables is the exact opposite film of what Gibson usually makes. But it’s not like he has anything better to do at the moment. Hey, let him even star in it and give controversial remarks about black people, women, jews, muslims and christian as a big “fuck you” to Hollywood and its political correctness.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Fantastic. Yes. Hell yes.

  • patrik

    The shit is gonna hit the fan it it happens. This could be awesome.

  • Kasper

    This would be amazing. I want the gibber back in the game.

  • Theo

    This would be an awesome move. The 1st film was fun the 2nd was alright (but a little silly). I think Gibson could do for this franchise, what Justin Lin did for the Fast & Furious sequels.

  • Spunder

    I wish he played in it also. Anyway Stallone didn’t really do a good job on the Expendables II so he should let Mel try, perhaps even play in it.

  • randy

    wow, you guys are something! i guess making movies gives you a pass on being a racist as i have often endured racial slurs, it it awful. I would never watch a movie from someone that uses that language. it seems like the guys on the show think it is a joke, and maybe it is in Canada but sadly it is still alive in the US

    Lamenthe, you have no respect for the people that endured all that hate that comes with racism. i am glad you can live in a world where you are not affected by it but have a little compassionate

  • La Menthe

    Umm, I can assure you that I have experienced racism from a very young being (being that I’m not ethnically Norwegian). But I don’t understand how you can’t separate that from his work as an artist. It’s like boycotting Polanski because he fucked a 13 year old girl.

  • kent88

    People don’t want to work with Mel Gibson because he is a manic depressive alcoholic with severe anger management issues.

    Blaming his downfall on the media and political correctness is completely silly.

  • randy

    thats disgusting La Menthe. Sorry but I dont support child abusers. I wouldnt watch any movie that funds a child abuser. So, you would be okay with a football player that abused kids in the off season? I think how you phrased it is horrible. Obviously you dont have much compassion.

    it is so sad that we can overlook such atrocities in life just because we think someone can write a good movie. sorry, i dont separate the crime from the person. You probably like Michael Vick too. Who cares how many dogs he killed, he sure can throw a football.

    i find your post utterly appalling

  • Howlingmad

    He has the “Talent” . . . which is all that matters.