Film Junk Podcast Episode #410: Spring Breakers


0:00 – Intro / Greg’s Story
8:45 – Review: Spring Breakers
53:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, High and Low, Air Force One, 102 Minutes That Changed America, Witness: Japan Disaster, The Nest, Public Housing, The Brave One, Johnny Guitar, Carlito’s Way, The Comedy, Fail-Safe, Double Team
1:29:10 – Junk Mail: Junk Food: Shapes, Spring Breakers Audience, Interactions with Celebrities, Last Time We Were Exhilarated, House of Cards on Physical Media + Sliding Glass Doors on DVD Shelving, Terry Terry, Back to the Future Premium + Reed, Roseanne Questions
1:58:35 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:00:15 – Outro
2:02:18 – Spoiler Discussion: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

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  • Best Film of the Year!

  • CrazYxX

    I haven’t listened yet but is this just another “Jay sucks Korine’s untalented balls” again show?

  • miss.thing

    GREG? when did you and your girlfriend break up? your story was one for the ages

  • bard

    Just started listening to the episode… Greg buddy… I guess shit got real?

  • Kasper

    I hope Greg being single again will lead to some new great stripper stories. Those are some of the highlights of Film Junk history. I guess this also explains why he suddenly started buffing up and losing weight. A new official Film Junk photo is now even more important to see “new Greg”. Hopefully it’s a better outcome than new Coke.

  • Greg

    All good. February sucked, March has been great.

  • bard

    Good to hear.

    …and the Gas Man lives on…

  • Agreed, we need some topless photos of Greg.

  • ultimolee

    Greg we need a whole Hogan pose-a-thon up’d on youtube

  • Essie

    Jay, explain the Clint Black hate. I thought he came off a little bit stubborn but ultimately showed he was a good team player and adjusted his attitude the best he could given the circumstances. To me, the biggest underrated prick in the history of that show is Michael Johnson.

  • I want to hear more about the hobo stripper who drove his SUV through Jackson Square.

  • bard

    Can someone please let me know what the deal is with Jay’s Jamaican voice he’s doing??? It’s hilarious!

  • Schizopolis

    I’ve had Arnott’s Shapes…I can eat a whole box of cheddar. I’m surprised they didn’t send you “chicken” flavor. Chicken salt is a popular condiment in Oz. It’s basically urine colored salt. Pepperidge Farms licensed Tim Tams and brought it to the U.S. a few years ago. So now I’m hoping Shapes makes it U.S. shelves too.

  • Markus Krenn

    Celebrity Apprentice needs to be a bigger segment

  • I guess I just didn’t “get” Spring Breakers, I was very indifferent towards the whole movie. I don’t get where all this love is coming from?

    On side note I did a double bill of it with Stoker and absolutely loved it the direction was flawless if its not in my top two at the end of the year ill be shocked.

  • devolutionary

    Another great episode from the gang. The super, deluxe, pineapple soda ‘cherry’ on top being the new Premium Podcast. Can’t wait to listen to that tonight!

  • For the Evil Dead Premium bonus you should review Maniac Cop or Man with the Screaming Brain

  • Lori C

    Only seven minutes into the ‘cast and I’m laughing my ass off. Congrats with the weight loss, Greg, and you really should post before ‘n after pics – maybe you’ll be spokesperson (can you say, residuals?) for the workout.

  • James

    I’ve been enjoying the double cast this last few days. Thanks guys!

  • Tony D’Amico

    Great show guys, I fucking loved Spring Breakers, I’ve seen it twice in the theaters in 5 days already. I see it being in my top 5 at the end of the year.

  • Clearly the bonus film for the Evil Dead premium podcast should be Drag Me to Hell.

  • piggystardust

    Bonus to Evil Dead premium: My Name is Bruce. Sooo bad. Also, screw the Reed haterzzz!

  • milandob

    Ad EVIL DEAD premium: guys do peter jacksons BAD TASTE or BRAINDEAD (DEAD ALIVE), i think that the movies have same kind of humour as evil dead…

  • Brad

    Hi guys, only 2 selections of anotts shapes, BBQ is my fav, I can eat a box in now time but there’s lots of other good flavours. Not you have the junk food junk segment I better get off my arse and get you some more good shit

  • Steve Kasan

    I second milandob with Braindead/Dead Alive as a bonus

  • Dan

    You guys should watch darkman as the bonus for the premium evil dead podcast

  • They already watched Darkman as a bonus for the Spiderman premium.

    Unless you were joking, in which case excuse my dumb self.

  • Was sad to hear Greg is single again after that heart felt story he told awhile back about a girl moving back for him. Sorry to hear Greg.

  • Yes, please divulge the inspiration for Jay’s Jamaican voice.

  • Kyle

    I think raimi’s Crimewave could lead to some potentially interesting conversation as a bonus on the Evil Dead premium.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    “If you’re reading this, you’re about to put something awesome in your mouth.”

    I just happen to have the Chinese symbol for that tattooed on my lower abdomen.

    OK, not really. It’s in Latin, which is classy as shit, yo.

  • @piggystardust: Thx for having my back!

  • Gerry

    @Reed / Gerry, what’s with demeaning Jay’s intelligence? Please record an episode of Cantankerous to explain.

  • Bas

    For the Jamaican voice I guess we’ll have to chip in for the premium podcast! I still have to ask a buddy with a creditcard to get them for me :)

    I too was surprised and somewhat dissapointed to hear of Greg’s breakup. But just because the crew shares some personal stuff from time to time doesn’t mean they have to keep us up to date with every bump in the road.

    Back in stalker-mode though, I too would like to see a picture of the NEW Greg! And to see what Frank looks like for that matter…

  • Kasper

    #34 Couldn’t you just add money to a PayPal account from your bank account instead? I personally use my VISA, but I’m pretty sure you can directly transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account.

  • Bas

    I’ll have to look into that., thanks for the tip. Just finished the podcast, I thought Bard & Mark meant Jay’s Jamaican in the premium-teaser.

    Somebody needs to dig up some old Greg vs. Reed – aside from the repeated threats of punchings in the larynx you can hear the irritation in Greg’s voice at the mere presence of mr. Farrington :) You’ve simply learned to love him, Greg!

  • @Gerry: I tend to “demean” anyone who thinks too highly of his own opinion. I often demean myself.

  • Sam

    Drag Me To Hell and maybe just tossing A Simple Plan as well, could be fun to add to the Evil Dead Premium.

    I believe A Simple Plan was on Frank’s Top 100, curious to hear a discussion of that with all the other Raimi stuff.

    Or Crime Wave I suppose since there’s a Blu-Ray coming out soon, but not until May.

  • Zac

    I did actually see Spring Breakers on a Friday night with a predominately teen audience, and as far as I could tell, most seemed to at least be entertained, with James Franco getting huge amounts of laughs. I did hear one girl say that it was the stupidest movie she’s ever seen.

  • Sam

    Did I miss something or did Greg never mention the Double J Jeff Jarrett appearance at the beginning of Spring Breakers? I figured he’d be popping all over that.