Paul W.S. Anderson to Direct Resident Evil 6


I have long since lost track of the Resident Evil movie franchise and the cryptic names of the various installments, but a quick Google search reveals that Resident Evil: Retribution was the name of the last one, which was the fifth in the series. That movie made $221 million worldwide on a $65 million budget, and although less than 25% of that came from the U.S., it seems that the international box office is providing more than enough cash to keep the series alive. Last week Shock Till You Drop learned that a sixth Resident Evil would be moving forward over at Sony Screen Gems, but at the time it wasn’t clear whether or not Paul W.S. Anderson was attached to direct. Now it appears that we can finally confirm his direct involvement, along with (obviously) Milla Jovovich. But will this be the grand finale?

According to First Showing, Paul W.S. Anderson will return to direct the sixth installment in the Resident Evil series. This makes sense considering that Anderson had previously stated that Resident Evil: Afterlife was the start of a new trilogy, and from what I understand, the last one definitely left the door open for a sequel. The next movie already has a release date of September 12th, 2014.

There were only two installments that Anderson did not direct (Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Extinction) but he returned for the last two, which were shot in 3D. Before shooting part 6, however, he will be working on his next movie Pompeii, a sword and sandals flick starring Game of Thrones star Kit Harington. Are you looking forward to Resident Evil 6? Should it be the last one?

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  • Matt the Kiwi

    God I hope Paul W.S. Anderson continues to make resident evil sequels ad infinitum. It keeps him away from destroying any more of my beloved movie franchises. Make him sign a contract where he has to do at least 10 – hopefully he’ll be so busy filming his deca-quel? that there’ll be no chance of him helming Star Wars 9: A new pope.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    “Resident Evil: I Forgot The Name of The Last One Before I Even Finished Reading The Poster” is probably one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in a theater, which I haven’t said since about the second “Resident Evil” movie or so, which is THE worst film I’ve ever seen in theaters. If I didn’t manage a theater and get to see everything for free, I would have given up on the series a long time ago, but the RE flicks are worth checking out for their astonishing badness as long as you don’t have to pay and you’re watching them with people that don’t genuinely think they’re going to be good or anything. I’d totally pay for the premium podcast though…

  • I second that sentiment of paying for a premium podcast, just to hear Jay complain about how forgettable each one is. I fell asleep while watching the last one (a rented copy).

  • Captain Fram

    Best headline ever.

  • Anthony

    Will I be punched in the face for liking Event Horizon and Soldier?

  • devolutionary

    No Anthony, just punched if you happened to like any of the Resident Evil films (save maybe the first).