Disney Developing Live Action Remake of Beauty and the Beast


With the success of Oz the Great and Powerful this past weekend, it’s no surprise that Disney is already working on a sequel. Contrary to popular belief, producer Joe Roth recently told the L.A. Times that this sequel “will absolutely not” involve Dorothy Gale in any way. Oz is not the only live action fairy tale franchise that they are working on, however. In addition to an Alice in Wonderland sequel, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, and their upcoming Cinderella remake (which is now being directed by Kenneth Branagh), they are adding another well-known fairy tale to the mix. Beauty and the Beast is the next in line to get remade, and this one will be brought to life by the writer of Danny Boyle’s Trance.

According to Deadline, Disney has hired screenwriter Joe Ahearne to pen a live action re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast called simply The Beast. Although Ahearne’s most recent credit is Trance, he also did a cult vampire TV series in the late ’90s called Ultraviolet and a BBC series about exorcisms called Apparitions. This makes it sound as though The Beast might have a darker edge, but let’s be realistic… this is Disney we’re talking about here.

The weird thing is that we just saw a live action take on Beauty and the Beast back in 2011 when Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens starred in Beastly. That movie tried to market the story to the Twilight crowd and failed miserably. These live action fairy tales seem to be disappointing for everyone except Disney (Snow White and the Huntsman being an exception for Universal), so it’s no wonder they’re putting all their eggs in this basket. Are you interested in another adaptation of Beauty and the Beast or are you sick of fairy tales being turned into live action blockbusters?

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  • Stinker

    Why not, but then again something new and creative would be great.

    It could be something like a new trend, like the endless wave of Comic Movies, sequel tide and Re-Boot Shipwrecks.

    Disney seems to leave the thing that made them Disney, the good old family “drawn” movies, made by human beings without any Computer hardware in sight.

    Call me oldschool, or just old.

  • Owozifa

    On the concept alone there just isn’t much to say. I like the story of Beauty and the Beast. It’s a good framework, but it would just depend on what they mean to do with it. I love tons of adaptations of Robin Hood and whatnot. Fairy tales are archetype stories that have been successful this long for a reason. It’s just about whether they can make something good or not. Need way more information.

  • Jonny Ashley

    You’ll have to face it Frank, this is the future of Disney