Evil Dead Remake Likely to Get Its Own Sequel, Sam Raimi’s Sequel Would Be Army of Darkness 2


The remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead premiered at SXSW over the weekend and seems to have received a pretty enthusiastic response thus far (83% on Rotten Tomatoes). During the Q&A, it was revealed that a sequel is already in the early stages of development and that they are envisioning the reboot as the basis for a whole new trilogy. While this will obviously depend on the box office performance of the first film, that hasn’t stopped director and co-writer Fede Alvarez from starting to work on a script for his version of Evil Dead 2. However, fans of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 will know that that movie was itself a pseudo-remake of the original Evil Dead. Will the new sequel be a remake of Sam Raimi’s remake? Thankfully, it sounds like they are planning to take a totally different path with the new films. Speaking with Collider, here’s what Alvarez had to say about a potential sequel:

“For me, it’s if we manage to agree, but we’re just starting to build a story and figure out what kind of movie it’s going to be, and it depends on what it is. It depends on the story we find, because personally, I think it has to shock everybody. It has to go to a different place just like Army of Darkness did with Evil Dead 2. It has to do that switch that every Evil Dead movie did with the previous one… And it’s exciting for me because in a long time, this, the new one—the next one—is going to be a completely new, fresh, 100% original, you bet. Because this one has so many ties to the first one that at the end of the day, being what it is, it’s like a sound of the original movie. But this next one, it’s not a remake of Evil Dead 2. It’s something completely new and different. I’m so excited to see where that’s going to go.”

Obviously they haven’t quite figured out what they want to do yet, but it sounds like they will not be going in a comedic direction like Raimi did. Alvarez is also not yet sure if he would return to direct. On a related note, Sam Raimi recently hinted that he might actually consider working on fourth installment in his own Evil Dead trilogy. While that would probably just add to the confusion, producer Rob Tapert told Shock Till You Drop that this project would actually be Army of Darkness 2, potentially picking up where the cliffhanger original apocalyptic ending of Army of Darkness left off. Would you be happy to see the new Evil Dead reboot turn into a trilogy? Are you more or less excited to hear that Raimi’s Evil Dead 4 is actually Army of Darkness 2?

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  • Theo

    Been waitin for Army of Darkness 2 since it came out. I’d be equally excited for both the reboot and the original series. why the hell not?