Monday Morning Box Office Report: Jack Climbs to the Top

Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer easily claimed the box office crown over the weekend, but with a $200 million budget behind it, a $28 million debut is no cause for celebration. This could end up being a bomb of John Carter proportions, but it really depends on how much money the movie makes overseas. The rest of the new releases also underwhelmed, failing to top Identity Thief which is now in its fourth week. 21 and Over opened at #3 with $9 million, followed closely by The Last Exorcism Part II. Snitch rounded out the top 5. A Good Day to Die Hard and Dark Skies are already on the verge of falling off the map. As for the Ed Harris thriller Phantom, the distributor has not reported estimates yet but it looks to be a disaster (less than $500,000 on over 1000 screens). Things are expected to pick up again next week with Oz: The Great and Powerful.

1. Jack the Giant Slayer — $28M
2. Identity Thief — $9.71M
3. 21 and Over — $9M
4. The Last Exorcism Part II — $8.03M
5. Snitch — $7.7M
6. Escape from Planet Earth — $6.73M
7. Safe Haven — $6.3M
8. Silver Linings Playbook — $5.94M
9. A Good Day to Die Hard — $4.5M
10. Dark Skies — $3.56M

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  • rjdelight

    Once again I scratch my head at these giant studios. Why on earth would you ever spend 200 million (pushing 300 with marketing) on a movie about CG giants? Trying to justify that kind of budget on a sequel or proven franchise is hard enough. It’s madness.

  • Bryan

    Wow, so Die Hard 5 only made $60m so far. Total flop domestically. Our childhood is dying away, and the stuff that’s replacing it, like Twilight and Hunger Games and Bieber Fever, is awful. I’m off to bed for a good cry now, cheers…