New to Theatres This Weekend: Dark Skies, Snitch, Inescapable

It’s the last weekend in February and it also happens to be Oscar weekend, which means nothing of import is hitting theatres today. There are two major releases that will be duking it out with A Good Day to Die Hard for box office supremacy. Scott Stewart follows up Legion and Priest with Dark Skies, a horror film that did not screen for critics, which is probably all you need to know. Elsewhere, Dwayne Johnson stars in in the action-thriller Snitch which seems somewhat similar to last year’s Contraband. In select theatres, IFC is also releasing the Canadian thriller Inescapable starring Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson, and Marisa Tomei. Other than that, it’s still looking pretty barren out there. Will you be watching anything this weekend?

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  • Matt

    Dark Skies looks okay. I don’t think it will be amazing but we don’t get a lot of horror based alien abduction movies. The idea hasn’t been mined to death in recent years like haunted house movies. I mean, the bar isn’t exactly very high with crap like the fourth kind out there….

  • Kyle

    What’s the review going to be on the show this week? did you decide on the man with the iron fists?

  • Looks like it will be just Chinese Zodiac.

  • Henrik

    Give Iron Monkey a shot then! At least acouple guys… FRANK YOU WILL NOT LET ME DOWN IM SURE

  • Horse

    cinemas have been emptier these last weeks, i see no change

  • bilko

    Having read the last 20 of your posts, I think it is time for you to go back to McDonald’s full time. You know nothing about film. Putz! Where do you guys come from?