Paul Walker to Star in Hitman Reboot

Despite the fact that video game adaptations are still generally doomed to be complete abominations, the lure of established brands and potential franchises keeps bringing Hollywood back for more. Even when a first or second attempt fails, nowadays the possibility of a reboot is always just around the corner. This week Fox has announced that they will be giving the Hitman franchise another shot with a brand new film called Agent 47, which will not be a continuation of the previous installment. Instead of Timothy Olyphant playing the genetically-engineered assassin, this time around it will be Paul Walker who will shave his head. With the continued success of the Hitman video games, a reboot isn’t a bad idea, but still… is this supposed to be an improvement?

According to Deadline, Agent 47 will be Paul Walker’s next film after Fast & Furious 6. Xavier Gens will not return to direct, which is not a surprise considering all of the disagreements he supposedly had with the studio over the final cut of his film. Instead it will be commercial director Aleksander Bach making his directorial debut from a script written by Skip Woods (who wrote the first film) and Michael Finch (Predators).

The first Hitman movie made just under $100 million worldwide, which is not terrible, although reviews were not particularly pleasant at the time. The thing is, I have a hard time believing that a first-time director and Paul Walker will do a better job than Xavier Gens and Timothy Olyphant. Walker’s stock is on the rise again thanks to the success of the Fast & Furious franchise, but something tells me he is not able to carry an action movie on his own. What do you think, are you interested in a new Hitman movie and is Paul Walker the right man to headline it?

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  • patrik

    Lame.. Paul Walker really? I couldn’t be less inspired by that casting. Love the games though.

  • 1138sw

    Yeah Paul Walker acts like a piece of wood…I take that back, wood is better.

  • rjdelight

    Why the hell does Fox love Skip Woods so much. The guy is a hack. This has got to be a first for reboots. Let’s get the same dude who wrote the first shitty movie to write the new one.

  • csidle

    Playing Agent 47 doesn’t exactly require much emotion or nuance, so you don’t need Oscar winners to pull this part off. I have a hard time seeing Walker pull of 47’s stern, dead-eye stare, though.

    I’m also a little sad that the former film flopped, because Olyphant is actually awesome and pretty damn well suited for the part.

  • I actually thought the Hitman movie was pretty good, as far as popcorn fare goes.

  • Darth_Siskel


  • ex-sell69

    This version of Hitman is going to suck so hard, they would had been better off making a porn version! Oh, snap! Anyways, if you’re a fan of Timothy Olyphant’s Agent 47 (like I am), you’re going to want this reboot (to the head) to fail. Why try to fix something that’s not broken? I mean, besides the mindless action scenes, and that whole “prostitute with a heart of gold” that I could live without… But it was still an okay movie!

  • csidle

    I don’t see why liking one movie requires you to want for its “opponent” to fail. You could just be a chill guy and enjoy movies instead.