Disney Planning a Star Wars Spin-Off Focusing on Yoda? (UPDATED)

Update: Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the standalone films are real and that they will be released in between installments from the new trilogy. More info after the jump.

The Star Wars rumours are coming fast and furious these days, and although they may not all turn out to be accurate, if even a fraction of them come through, we’re going to be absolutely overwhelmed with Star Wars material over the next few years. In fact, I am starting to wonder if Disney is getting a little too ambitious with their plans, but it’s obviously far too early to tell. We know that a new trilogy is in development with J.J. Abrams on board to direct the first installment, and we also heard that there may be a series of Star Wars spin-off films happening, including a possible Jedi samurai flick from Zack Snyder. Now the latest word is that there will be a series of spin-off movies that focus on individual characters from the Star Wars universe, and the first one is likely to revolve around Yoda. More details after the jump.

According to Ain’t It Cool News, the folks at Disney are currently looking at every possible way to use the Star Wars license and they are planning far ahead into the future. The standalone films may come after the next trilogy or they may accompany it, but either way it looks like Yoda is indeed going to be the first one out of the gate. What is unclear is whether or not these character pieces will be prequels, origin stories or something else entirely.

Joe Johnston has mentioned several times over the years that he would like to direct a Boba Fett movie and AICN also reports that Lucas has been throwing around an idea for a Jabba the Hutt movie. Let’s face it, the possibilities are endless, but is this a smart move or would it water down the franchise and remove the mystery surrounding certain characters? Are you interested in a Yoda-specific Star Wars film or are there other characters that are more deserving?

Update: Bob Iger appeared on MSNBC where he confirmed that Disney is working on several character-specific standalone Star Wars films that will not be a part of the core saga. He did not reveal what characters are in development, but he did say that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are currently writing two of these films. Check out the video below.

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  • Adam lenehan

    Wise this is not.

  • Quentin Tarantino’s take on the life and times of either Han Solo or Boba Fett!!! won’t happen seeing as QT hates digital and CGI…… :/

  • Colin

    Tired of the Star Wars “characters” but interested in the Star Wars “universe”… Star Wars 1313 is doing things right, Disney appears to be doing things wrong.

  • Primal

    Damn, they’ll have like 900 years worth of flashbacks and flashforwards. It could blow my mind, lol.

  • Matt

    Did you know in original drafts of star wars, yoda’s species was referred to as the whills, and they were an ancient race of librarians and scholars?

    There is a lot of mystery behind Yoda’s race. For instance, since the 90s Lucasfilm has made all stories regarding Yoda’s race or depictions of other yoda type aliens off limits in Expanded Universe Materials.

    I agree that star wars overload is really possible with disney making too many films. Watching a new star wars film should feel special.

  • Jasper

    Gotta love those posts with star wars and a question mark in the title!

  • Henrik

    ^^^^^^ :D

  • Jonny Ashley

    Ask Disney how many spin-offs it will make—“All of them”, Disney says. “All of the spin-offs”.

  • darksiders



  • Master Pizza

    This is insane and somewhat heartbreaking. Nostalgia aside, originality is just being kicked out the door and then driven over by a semi as it lies face down in the street. Character exploration or not, just make new stuff dammit.

  • Derek McFarland

    I suppose doing all these standalone stories will make up for the lack of Star Wars films/live action shows that should have been made years ago (considering how many fans there are). After Return of the Jedi, it took Lucas 15 years before doing another Star Wars movie again (Phantom Menace)…. (unless you count those 2 live action TV made Ewoke films) I remember when
    there was a time when there was a bit of a Star Trek overload going on, between the late 80’s to 2001(from The Next Generation, to Deep Space Nine, to Voyager…. Not to mention all the theatrical Star Trek films that were made in between. But I don’t think that bothered Star Trek fans too much at all. The first thing that pops into my head when it comes to this news is,

  • Brendan

    I suppose the success of the Marvel Avengers character movies probably had some influence on this, so now they can have at least one Star Wars movie a year to fill their coffers.

  • Joe

    Milk that teat Iger until it’s dry. Idiot!