More Super Bowl Trailers: Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Under the Dome

Aside from the new trailers for Fast & Furious 6 and World War Z that have already been posted, there were a handful of other movie promos that premiered during the Super Bowl last night. Most of them featured recycled footage from previously released trailers, but the Iron Man 3 spot had some new stuff as did The Lone Ranger. The teaser for Stephen King’s Under the Dome was also brand new, unfortunately it just wasn’t all that exciting. Which of this year’s Super Bowl trailers was the most impressive? Check out the rest of the new TV spots after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • The ‘extended look’ thing actually made me crack up a bit.

  • How many Avenger character movies have they made thus far? 6

    How many more must Jay endure for the sake of the podcast? At least 5 in the forseeable future.

    “Oh boy”

  • Under the Dome WOW they’re remaking The Simpsons Movie so soon…just like Spiderman!

  • Speaking of Stephen King, anyone here excited for Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the Shining coming out this September? I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • rjdelight

    This was also awesome:

    Bonus points for Bob Odenkirk.

  • Scott

    Pumped for Iron Man and Superman. I just set myself up for disappointment again and again.

  • Mike H

    3 words…..STEPHEN EFFING KING!!! Going to be good!!!!! And yes, ‘Doctor Sleep’, the sequel to ‘The Shining’ is going to be crazy.