Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl Trailer

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, but for those of you who didn’t watch the game, now’s your chance to catch up on the many movie trailers and commercials that you missed. Perhaps the most significant one was the TV spot for Fast & Furious 6, if only because this is the very first trailer to be released for the upcoming summer blockbuster. Considering that it is 60 seconds long, it also happens to be a little more meaty than most of the other spots.

As we know, the movie finds The Rock returning to reteam with Vin Diesel and co. in order to help take down another group of mercenary drivers in London. Plenty of other familiar faces are back as well, along with a few newcomers including Luke Evans and Gina Carano. Oh, and this time someone brought a tank. Fast & Furious 6 hits theatres on May 24th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Colin

    Easily the best trailer of the night. Movie is going to be insane.

  • dan day

    Looks like a blast. If it’s half as good as FAST FIVE then I can’t wait.

  • Wintle

    Fast & Furious and Leprechaun; the two franchises that just keep getting better with each installment.

  • cap

    Is this film based on a true story?

  • milandob

    wow, taking down a plane… i heard a rumor that in the seventh part they will go against death star…