World War Z Super Bowl Spot

As per usual, a handful of this year’s Super Bowl trailers are starting to find their way online prior to the big game. There seem to be fewer and fewer surprises every year and this World War Z commercial doesn’t have a whole lot of new footage to offer. However, it still does a pretty good job of distilling the premise down to 30 seconds and leaving you wanting more. Whether or not it ends up being a good movie, I can see this doing quite well despite the fact that it’s going up against Pixar’s Monsters University. World War Z hits theatres on June 21st; check out the TV spot after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Colin

    Based on the music, this appears to be a trailer for a new Transformers movie… how did you mix that up, Sean?

  • I know a ton of people watch the Super Bowl of course, but does anyone REALLY watch it because they’re that excited for the ads anymore? They’ll be online within moments of airing anyway, particularly the movie stuff, and that’s if they haven’t been posted already.