Open Forum Friday: Is There Anything Wrong with Nepotism in Movies?

Nepotism exists in all walks of life, but in Hollywood it is allowed to run rampant, sometimes used as a marketing gimmick or bargaining chip. Actors and directors often use their star power to secure roles for their family members, regardless of whether or not they are the best choice for the part. While it’s hard to blame them for wanting to work with their loved ones and/or foster their careers, moviegoers are the ones who ultimately lose out when they are wrong for the part. On the other hand, sometimes it can work out well for everyone, especially when the offspring of talented people also happen to inherit that talent.

Will Smith and Judd Apatow are both examples of recent Hollywood power players who have earned praise for working with their families, bringing a genuine chemistry to the screen. But some have been turned off by it as well, finding it too self-indulgent. In the case of Judd Apatow, he recently stated in an interview that he wants to do another movie focusing on his daughters, which would be his fourth movie to feature them. What do you think? Is nepotism a major problem in Hollywood? Are there situations where it works and some where it doesn’t? Would you like to see Knocked Up become a “trilogy”? Give us your thoughts here on Open Forum Friday.

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  • It used to bother me, but over the years, I’ve realized, just as it’s stated above, that it happens everywhere, and it’s not a big deal. Family businesses are fine, and this is a different kind of business.

    I’m fine with it.

  • Rob Zombie

    Nepotism is not a problem in Hollywood at all. People, mainly the fan-boys, are overreacting.

  • Krapnek

    The Godfather 3 comes to mind…. shhiiiiiiiiiit

  • MrHorse

    hmm gee lemme think

  • David

    Whether it’s nepotism or not, I’m just getting a little tired of his films. I LOVED his earlier stuff and I appreciate that his directing/producing work has introduced us to so many great comedic actors, but it’s all starting to get formulaic, at least the stuff he’s directing. I just want him to take his style in a bit of a new direction, because I really want to be interested in a Judd Apatow movie again, but this “This is 40″ pseudo-sequel to Knocked Up did nothing for me.

  • Is it really any different from certain filmmakers working with the same actors all the time?

  • Gerry

    The scene on the hotel roof terrace in Godfather 3 where Pacino is reading the papers is the demo scene for someone who clearly can’t act but is related to the film-maker, Sophia Coppola, acting with someone who can act in their sleep, Pacino.

    Nepotism sucks if you’re talented and see untalented relatives of producers etc get lots of jobs you’re going for, but it will always happen.

    It can ruin films. Nick Cage, another Francis Coppola relative given his break by uncle Frank turned out to be a good actor so occasionally it works out.

  • Kasper

    With or without his kids I have zero interest in Apatows movies. I liked Funny People but haven’t liked any of his other directorial efforts.

  • Bob

    I think in this case nepotism is a bad thing. Judd Apatow’s films with his family in have been thus far have not appeared to be solely made as a vehicle for his family to act in. But, if he is just going to randomly write a film for his daughters to be focused on then that can only mean that it will be less enjoyable then his other films.

  • Scott

    Yeah, there is.

  • kyri

    I don’t mind Nepotism only when Jay does it.

  • MrHorse

    Posted by PlanBFromOuterSpace on February 1st, 2013 >
    Is it really any different from certain filmmakers working with the same actors all the time?

    ..of course it is, Yes!

    they aree different in nature; one is based on favoritism, while the other is about craft. tf

  • Dan Morgan

    Sheri. Moon. Zombie.

  • Mrespony

    Don’t go to Judd Apatow or Will Smith movies, problem solved. They can make movies however they want to, if that means including their little Hollywood brats then goodie for them. This is more about Hollywood/L.A. star culture than movie making. Global warming isn’t raising sea levels fast enough if you ask me.

  • unlike other business people can easily vote on this with their wallet so its not a problem – they know the risks. if a director lands a stinker, partly because of nepotism, ‘director jail’ is real and severe