Weekly Poll Results: Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie

As it turns out, it wasn’t much of a contest after all. Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the clear winner of last week’s poll, topping the list of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies with 42% of the votes. The closest challenger was Predator with 16% followed by Total Recall with 13%. The Terminator and True Lies rounded out the top 5. The remaining tallies were mostly predictable although I was a bit surprised to see Kindergarten Cop tied with Commando at #7. Way down at the bottom of the list, Raw Deal failed to receive a single vote. If that doesn’t scream out underrated, I don’t know what does! Do you agree with these results?

1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day — 42%
2. Predator — 16%
3. Total Recall — 13%
4. The Terminator — 7%
5. True Lies — 6%
6. Conan the Barbarian — 5%
7. Commando — 3%
7. Kindergarten Cop — 3%
9. Last Action Hero — 2%
10. The Running Man — 1%
10. Twins — 1%
10. Red Heat — 1%
13. Raw Deal — 0%

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  • Bryson

    Kindergarten Cop above the Running Man and Raw Deal? Insanity!

  • Tahir

    I went for Predator but liked a lot of the other Arnie
    movies too.
    It’s a hard task when you have to pick just one.

    A better pole might have been picking our top 3.

    And as for Kindergarten Cop, it’s NOT that bad a movie.
    I, for one, find it highly re-watchable.

  • arnold rambo

    Terminator also won the Film Junk poll for favorite James Cameron movies back in December of 2009. T2 is the best R-rated action movie of all time; it is better than Die Hard!

  • arnold rambo

    When I mention Terminator is my previous message,I mean T2;not the first Terminator

  • Shay

    I find that “Predator” is the best Arnie movie , sure one of the best Sci fi/Action films of All-Time.

    if it wasn’t for T2 “Predator” had won the first , Number one 1 place.