Film Junk Poll: What is the Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie?

Although the jury is still out on whether or not Arnold’s comeback is a success, in the meantime it seems only appropriate that we reflect back on the highlights of his Hollywood career up to this point. Unlike some action stars, he is far from a one-hit wonder and there are quite a few classics in his back catalog… to the point where choosing a favourite is not as clear cut as you might expect. I still think it’s inevitable that this will end up a two or three horse race but hey, don’t count out those comedies just yet! So what do you think is Arnie’s finest film to date? Cast your vote in this week’s poll and then sound off in the comments below.

What is the Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie?
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  • Colin

    Total Recall, hands down

  • milandob

    predator, not only arnies best movie, but the best movie of all times!!!

  • Kasper

    So many great movies from such a shitty actor, it’s incredible! Sadly though, most people will probably just vote Terminator 2.

    Personal favorite is probably a tie between Predator, Red Heat and The Terminator.

  • MrHorse

    total recall, predator, commnado – in this order.

    haven’t seen raw deal ..isn’t that a noir? well anyway, this is tougher than it seemed. i mean the directors probably taylored many scenes so that he’d look good and act as less as possible.

  • No “Hercules in New York”? One of my favorite DVDs to watch with friends. You can switch between the original Arnold audio and the dubbed voiceover, which is great, because you can only take so much of one or the other for any period of time.

  • Indianamcclain

    T2 all the way, although I do have a soft spot for Last Action Hero.

  • Brendan

    I haven’t voted or looked at the current poll totals, but I’ll bet the final results will be T2, and it won’t be close. Though, now that I think about it, a lot of people love True Lies for some reason, so maybe that has potential to usurp T2.

  • Cy-Ed

    13 way tie!!! 14 if you include Jingle all the Way!!!!

    Here’s hoping for an all Arnie premium pod in our future

  • Anthony


  • mattressman

    toughest poll to date. i went with predator, total recall in second. predator features the best of everything arnold. it also features carl weathers. you put those two together, throw them in a pot, add some broth, baby you got a stew going!

    would have thought the vote would have been more split between t1 and t2.

  • Curtis

    Commando is a prefect action movie… flawless.

  • I think the only thing keeping “Last Action Hero” from the top for me is the fuckin’ kid. I mean, I’m OK with the character, but I didn’t dig the actor so much, and he really had to carry the thing.

  • Brad

    That’s no fair all of them are classics how do you pick one movie. I’ll go three, predator, commando and total recal

  • Tjrk

    My dad raised me on Arnold. Starting with the terminator when I was 4. Since then I have been hooked.

    Total recall hands down. Why? He plays a human with actual dialog and not a robot learning to be human. It has hilarious one liners. Over the top action for days. Tri-breasts….. And the story is based on PKD. Love Arnold. Love PKD.

  • Lior

    In my mind I don’t think there’s any question that T2 is Arnold’s best movie, making this poll one of the easier ones. It’s such a seminal, one of a kind action masterpiece nothing can really compare to it.

    Total Recall comes really close, but while Total Recall is action with brains, T2 is action with heart, and a cinematic milestone in terms of special effects.
    And how many films can boast that?

  • Bas

    I voted for Arnold’s best allround performance, imo that is Total Recall. I love T1 & T2 more, but Arnold has an easier job in those movies.

  • Fatbologna

    T2 is NOT better than Terminator. It’s bloated and sappy whereas Terminator is edgy, mean and tightly paced. A perfect low budget sci-fi action film.

    Conan’s the best Arnie movie though. Followed by Total Recall.

  • mattressman

    @fatbologna. totally agree. the action sequences in t2 get to be ridiculous. how many times can you show a chase scene with the same progression. i also prefer arnold as the villain.

  • Rafael Cardona

    Pumping Iron. No doubt about it.

  • arnold rambo

    Terminator 2 is the greatest R-rated action movie of all time; it is better than Die Hard!