Scary Movie 5 Trailer

A few months back we saw the first trailer for A Haunted House, Marlon Wayans’ own attempt to return to the success of the Scary Movie franchise without the benefit of the established name. As expected, it showcased some pretty obvious and painfully low brow humour. However, now that this pitiful trailer for Scary Movie 5 has arrived, I’m actually starting to appreciate the Wayans flick a little more.

Scary Movie 5 is directed by Malcolm D. Lee (Soul Men, Undercover Brother) and is produced and co-written by veteran spoofmeister David Zucker. It seems content to coast by on merely referencing the Paranormal Activity movies while barely even attempting to make any jokes. It also seems to be heavily banking on recognizable stars like Ashley Tisdale, Heather Locklear, and yes, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Hey, at least there’s also an Inception gag thrown in for good measure. Scary Movie 5 hits theatres on April 13th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I don’t think I’d recognize Ashley Tisdale in a police line-up if she slaughtered my family right in front of me. She IS one of those High School Musical people though, right?

  • Kurei Scott

    That looks bad…no part of it was even funny and all the jokes were pretty obvious.

  • kay

    i think it looked good and funny and i like how they brought in familliar faces didnt see a downside to it

  • Alicia Stella

    A Scary Movie without Anna Faris is not a Scary Movie movie.

    Also, Charlie Sheen was already in Scary Movie 3 as Tom. He can’t just suddenly be Charlie Sheen in a sequel.

  • Jonny Ashley

    when I saw this in front of django, I just assumed they relabeled marlon wayans’ movie. The fact that they’re hitting all of the same beats… I never thought I’d see competing scary movie franchises on the level of volcano and dante’s peak.

  • Anthony

    Scary movie 3 and 4 were both actually pretty decent, but I chalk that up to the Zucker involvment. But this looks not good at all, even if he co-worte it. I mean it’s not as bad as the Friedberg/Seltzer movies but not great looking either.