Evil Dead Red Band Trailer

Ever since we first heard about the possibility of an Evil Dead remake, it was only natural that fans would fear the worst. Fortunately, Sam Raimi knew all along that the only way to pull off a remake of his beloved cult classic would be to up the gore and insanity by a factor of 10. A new red band trailer for the upcoming film has arrived online this week and it once again promises all kinds of bloody mayhem and gruesome visuals. What it lacks in the Bruce Campbell department, this movie could easily make up for with pure adrenaline. Evil Dead hits theatres on April 12th; check out the new trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Jurassicalien

    The moment the girl in the basement says “Cut it!” I thought “They nailed this.” Looks great, pretty excited.

  • FoxMulder


  • Probably my most anticipated movie of this year.

  • 1138sw

    Whoa! That looks actually pretty cool! Evil dead on a budget! I am think I am definitely there!!

  • Zac

    I still think it could use some Bruce Campbell, at least in a cameo.

  • He can be one of the fishermen that they pass on the road!

  • Anthony

    I want this fucking film yesterday. Holy shit that trailer was great.

  • David

    Okay…okay…man, I’m out of breath. Wow. This trailer alone could suffice as an Evil Dead remake.