The Asylum’s Age of the Hobbits Trailer

After getting away with a smattering of low budget knock-offs of major blockbusters over the past few years, Hollywood is finally starting to get wise to The Asylum’s game. Earlier this year, Universal filed a lawsuit to have them rename their Battleship rip-off from American Battleship to American Warships. Now this week Warner Brothers has successfully stopped The Asylum from putting their new movie Age of the Hobbits on store shelves this week due to possible customer confusion.

Strangely, after watching the trailer for Age of the Hobbits, I have no clue how the movie is in any way connected to J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. Apparently they are claiming that the movie is actually about a real-life subspecies of humans from Indonesia known as Homo Floresiensis, which were nicknamed “hobbit” due to their diminutive size. The courts didn’t work… and to be honest, it all feels a bit racist anyway. The movie stars Bai Ling and Christopher Judge, but at this point, no one knows when you’ll be able to see it. I guess you’ll just have to settle for the trailer instead!

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  • scott

    The hobbits got chicks! I’m soooo down!


  • TheDia

    At least these hobbits aren´t talking, singing and dancing for hours before anything happens in themovie. :)

  • Anthony

    “I have no clue how the movie is in any way connected to J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. ”

    Asylum’s films almost always have very little in common with the movies their mocking plot-wise. There’s a small thread of what connects the two, such as the name usually and maybe some part of the story, but overall they usually are very different.

  • Lucas3D

    I like the idea actually, of the ‘Flores Man’ Hobbit. But somehow, I don’t this is a scientific look at Homo floresiensis…

  • thank god

    Thank God, we need to get of useless shite like Asylum. Give them all jobs in McDonalds where their talent is more suited.