Nicolas Winding Refn to Direct The Equalizer Starring Denzel Washington

A couple of years ago, Sony was looking to remake The Equalizer TV series as a feature film with Russell Crowe attached to star. The project had been in development for a while, but in the wake of The A-Team movie, it was re-energized following a sudden surge of interest in ’80s TV properties. Since then, Denzel Washington has taken over the lead role instead of Russell Crowe with Richard Wenk (The Expendables 2, The Mechanic) writing the script. After almost a year without any updates on this project, this week it appears that they have finally found a director: Drive helmer Nicolas Winding Refn.

The series ran on CBS in the late ’80s and starred Edward Woodward as a retired spy named Robert McCall who offers his services free of charge to those in need. Not only is the premise somewhat similar to The A-Team, but it also sounds a little bit like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher as well. The show was known for being relatively violent at the time, which is perhaps where Refn’s resume comes into play.

Refn’s next film Only God Forgives will hit theatres next year, but he’s been attached to a few other upcoming projects including a Maniac Cop remake and a Barbarella TV series. It’s unclear if he is still directing the Logan’s Run remake since Ryan Gosling dropped out earlier this year. Either way, The Equalizer already has a projected release date of April 11th, 2014, which means it’s a pretty high priority for Sony and could end up being Refn’s first big studio film. Are you looking forward to The Equalizer?

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    i’ll pop all over that

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    i have a boner.

  • Paul Andrews

    LOVE the equalizer. Hope they keep the same theme tune.