Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg Join New Star Wars Creative Team

As we anxiously await an announcement regarding a director for Star Wars: Episode VII, Disney is continuing to recruit more writing and producing talent for the upcoming trilogy. A couple of weeks ago, we heard that Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) had already written a treatment for the new movie and was likely to be writing the script as well. This has since been confirmed, but according to a recent report, Arndt may not be alone. Sources indicate that two more writers have been approached to work on the new trilogy including veteran screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, who is no stranger to the Star Wars franchise.

According to THR (and as originally reported by Deadline), Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have both locked down deals to write separate installments of the new trilogy and also to produce as well. Since Michael Arndt is reportedly penning Episode VII, it seems likely that they will be taking on Episode VIII and IX, although it’s not clear who will tackle which installment. It’s also not clear if they will both be following Arndt’s original treatment for the whole trilogy.

Kasdan’s involvement should give fans a feeling of confidence moving forward as he wrote the screenplay for both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (not to mention Raiders of the Lost Ark). He has plenty of experience with Lucasfilm, although he hasn’t done anything great as of late (his new film Darling Companion) has received mixed reviews). As for Simon Kinberg, he is best known for writing Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes and X-Men: The Last Stand. Are you happy to have Kasdan and Kinberg on board for the new Star Wars trilogy?

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  • Scott

    This is the first news that has me at all interested in these movies. Still…


  • Gerry

    Arndt and Kasdan equals very positive, Kinberg is more of a question mark.

    I hope they work as a team in terms of a 3 film story arc and helping each other with the screenplays, which would iron out any quality kinks.

    The fact that they’re all bona fide writers is the biggest positive of all.

    Now I’m looking forward to episode 7.

    On the one hand I think if the scripts are good no director is going to mess them up. On the the other hand Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson and Chris Nolan to direct please.

  • Stinker

    Since the “KAS” will be scripting it looks like it will be more empire and less clones. Good news

  • patrik

    Score? Seems like a good idea.

  • El Ohroy

    It’s great news about Lawrence Kasdan. It’s not obvious from this article, but Sean must have totally creamed his jeans when he heard the news.

  • La Menthe

    Give Kasdan full rights, and kick the other two writers please.

  • UKMark

    I’ll be there now they are taking Lawrence on-board. Fingers crossed from myself and the rest of the over 35’s fans of Star Wars (not a new hope).

  • mark

    I hope this is gonna be better than the new tron movie